2 Key Signs You Must Get Furnace Preventive Maintenance ASAP

While the quote “Prevention is better than the cure” is something that applies to many different things in life like medical conditions, racism, and wars, there’s another aspect of life that it also applies to: Furnace breakdowns. The secret, Furnace Preventative Maintenance.

Whether you’re weeks deep in the winter season or months away from it, having a sudden breakdown of your home’s heating device is always going to be a big problem. In the case of most, if not all, Canadian homes and buildings where the weather is near-freezing, having a furnace conk out will always be inconvenient. 

If you’ve been living on your own, the chances are that you’ve experienced just how agonizing the experience of having your heater suddenly fail can be. Thankfully, you’ll never have to worry about a sudden, inconvenient furnace breakdown taking place again because you can schedule an appointment for preventive maintenance. But this also brings another question: When should you get your furnace serviced? Well, this is where spotting key signs comes in handy.

What are the signs that you should get Furnace Preventive Maintenance?

Although we’d all like to get as much preventative maintenance as possible so that we can enjoy our heaters with a peace of mind, the truth is that it pays to be selective. After all, getting too many sessions done is not only redundant and useless, but it’s also expensive and hectic at certain times. 

If you don’t want to waste valuable time and money by getting preventative maintenance too late, here are two key signs to watch out for: 

Sign #1: Your home isn’t heating evenly

Have you ever felt your house become half-hot, half-cold at most, even when you crank up your settings? This can be indicative of your appliance needing a service as soon as possible. 

Aside from being a significant irritant, having rooms that are hot and others that are cold is a sure sign of trouble because it means that there are certain parts of your system that aren’t performing optimally. Thankfully, spotting this key sign and acting on it right away will help save you the time and trouble of having a complete breakdown because it will act as a reminder to call Legacy Heating’s experts ASAP!

Sign #2: The energy billing statements are constantly rising

Suppose you’ve received your energy bill and noticed that your payables ended up increasing even when you maintained the same habits and level of usage each month. In that case, you’re definitely dealing with dirty ducts that may end up causing your furnace to break down if you don’t act fast. 

Keep in mind that having dirty air ducts causes dust and debris to spin around and flow until they catch right onto the filters of your furnace. This will eventually cause it to work harder and eat more energy, even though you’re not getting the expected amount of heat. Thankfully, getting an expert to service your heating appliance before it puts you in an even bigger money pit with your bills can also prevent it from completely breaking down!


While having your furnace go out all of a sudden is such a terrible problem to experience, it’s worth noting that getting everything right with your preventive maintenance is the best solution. Thankfully, watching out for the two key pre-breakdown signs mentioned above will ensure that you don’t put yourself in a tough situation by spotting opportunities to call an expert immediately!

Are you looking for professional furnace maintenance in Edmonton, AB? With our experts, you will be able to save more money in the long run and protect your investment. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our services! Furnace Preventative Maintenance can save you money!

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