2 Signs You Should Get Your Air Ducts Cleaned Soon

In any home, the presence of proper maintenance, care, and awareness will go a long way to keep everything nice, peaceful, and comfortable. For Edmonton homeowners, it’s no secret that the bigger details play a vital role when it comes to determining the experience of living in their humble abodes. From the residence’s size and location to the different furniture choices and set floor plans or layouts that are in place, major details will indeed make big impacts.

By now, you’ve probably acquainted yourself with the fact that having the best experience possible in your home depends on the main components that you play around with. While it may be true that getting the major parts right can go a long way, it’s also important to remember that no set-up will be great if the minor details are overlooked.

The impact of getting the minor details right

From the way you position your couch to the colour of the lightbulb that you use on your porch, every small detail that goes into your home adds up with everything else and comprises much of its living quality. Sure, you might think that having a brand new painting or countertop will make your room feel more comfortable and home-like. However, they don’t really bear the same impact as getting a bidet or deep-cleaning your tile grout. 

As you go deeper into the homeownership experience, you’ll quickly realize that there are so many aspects to worry about when it comes to getting the minor details right for your dream abode. Although all of these little tidbits bear some impact in terms of refining and perfecting the bigger picture, there’s one small detail that stands out: Getting your air ducts cleaned on time. 

A few key signs that you should get your ducts cleaned soon

It may not seem like much at first, but keeping your ducts cleaned (compared to not cleaning them at all) will make a world of difference in how you feel at home. When you become complacent with your cleaning obligations, you’ll feel the difference right away far more than getting a new set of tiles or a different air conditioner. 

Thankfully, you won’t have to end up hampering your living experience at home once you start watching out for these key signs that you should clean your ducts: 

Sign #1: Your energy bills are soaring and flying

Suppose you’ve received your energy bill and noticed that your payables ended up increasing even when you maintained the same habits and level of usage. In that case, you’re definitely dealing with dirty ducts. Having dirty air ducts causes dust and debris to spin around and flow until they catch right onto the filters of your HVAC system’s appliances, causing them to work harder and eat more energy!

Sign #2: There is more dust around your home

Another key sign that your ducts need a cleaning soon is when you begin to see much more dust in your home, and your sniffles seem to come on much more frequently. 

When you begin to see that everything in your house feels much dustier even if you haven’t necessarily moved anything in years, it’s safe to say that there’s much more dust that your ducts can handle. Thankfully, in times like these, calling Legacy Heating’s experts to help you take care of the problem with thorough cleaning services will come in handy!


If you want to improve the quality of your living experience and make the most out of your comfort, you’ll undoubtedly need to pay attention to the way you keep your air ducts clean. By watching out for the two signs mentioned above, you won’t have to worry about acting too late or hampering your living experience ever again! 

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