Things to Consider when Purchasing an Air Conditioner

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April 28, 2022

Things to Consider when Purchasing an Air Conditioner

For those who want to avoid the glaring heat of the summer season, getting an air conditioner in Edmonton or Calgary would be the most viable option. Besides maintaining the cool air within your home, it may also help fend off the heat from your surrounding areas. The thing is, you shouldn’t just jump with […]

April 21, 2022

A New HVAC Unit Is Necessary after Renovation

Having your own home is an unrivalled comfort because it’s where you can kick back and relax. However, you don’t always have it easy because it will come when it doesn’t suit your needs anymore, such as when you have a growing family. For this reason, homeowners renovate their homes to increase efficiency. However, some […]

April 21, 2022

Don’t Ignore Furnace Repair and Maintenance

Some homeowners tend to ignore issues in household maintenance for as long as they can. They believe that delaying addressing the problem will just make it go away. However, home systems like the HVAC system require routine maintenance to keep them running efficiently and reliably.  Ignoring critical HVAC and furnace repairs jeopardizes the system’s ability […]

April 13, 2022

Things to Avoid When You Have a Thermostat

People have invented amazing ways to stay warm and comfortable in their homes. Heating your home throughout winter can get expensive. Of course heating your home is also necessary to survive Alberta’s cold, harsh winters.  Recently, the use of a programmable thermostat has grown increasingly all over the country. Unfortunately, for many of us, this […]

air conditioning units
April 13, 2022

Keep Your AC in Excellent Condition

Summer is several months away, but it is an excellent time to inspect your air conditioning unit. You should check not only the indoor unit but also the outdoor equipment. The former consists of the heat exchange coil, fan, remove signal receiver, and a filter. On the other hand, one of the primary parts of […]

air conditioner checkup
April 7, 2022

What Happens during a Spring Air Conditioner Checkup?

You may hear again and again that Spring Maintenance will save you money and make your air conditioner run more efficiently, with Cool Change mentioned around this time of year as a key player in the process. But you may be wondering what really happens during Spring Check-Up, so read on for all the steps […]

furnace repair
April 7, 2022

Possible Reasons for the Cold Air Blowing from Your Furnace

Furnaces aren’t always up to the task of heating the home. Sometimes, they spread cold air instead of warmth. A furnace blowing chilly air can be caused by a variety of circumstances.  Some are simple to repair on your own, while others need professional heater repairs. If that’s the case, be sure to call trusted […]



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