3 AC Care Mistakes Homeowners Make And Why You Should Avoid Them

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Air conditioning units have always been a saving grace in warm temperatures, but in this day and age, such units have now become an essential need regardless of geographical location. Perhaps it’s due to climate change and other environmental changes, but be that as it may, AC units often come with repercussions—sudden noise, less cooling effects, and so much more. 

Cases of faulty AC units can burn holes in one’s wallet, all the while posing as hazardous to an individual’s health. Moreover, having a fault air-conditioning unit during terrible heat spikes can be shocking, affecting your overall performance and mood. 

Due to this, it’s only logical that you ensure your units are well-maintained. Regular maintenance tasks and check-ups can quickly be done on your own, but there are certain pitfalls you need to watch out for. Doing things unaware can decrease your unit’s performance and lifespan, leaving both your hands and wallets empty.

To ensure that your AC unit remains functioning at its fullest capacity, keep these mistakes in mind:

Mistake #1: Switch the aircon unit on and off

It’s easy to brush things aside, especially when you’re merely doing a task something it’s meant to do. Turning your aircon unit on and off may be a simple move, but understand that you may be doing more harm than good. 

The action compels the fan and compressors to work harder than usual, all to produce the same cold air you need at a rapid pace. This stresses the machine, ultimately causing it to break down. To ensure that your unit remains up and running, turn your unit on during the hottest part of the day, only turning it off when it’s cold. 

Mistake #2: Overlooking the importance of your air filter

You may be unaware, but your air filter plays a role in the performance of your air conditioning unit. It’s been designed to remove dust, allergens, and other debris passing through the system, so remember to keep it well-maintained. 

Over time, it will be filled with enough dirt, thereby affecting your unit’s performance. Airflow will decrease, and dust will accumulate. While it’s true that you need to keep your air conditioning unit in tip-top condition, remember that its performance is only as good as the environment you place it in. 

Mistake #3: Adjusting the thermostat too frequently

While it’s true that your thermostat plays a vital role in the cooling process, modifying it frequently will cause your unit undue stress. If you believe that your AC isn’t performing correctly, the thermostat isn’t the culprit. It could be aggravating the situation further, so avoid the adjustments from now on. 

You cause your AC to switch gears in terms of power, all in an attempt to keep the cold air flowing. As with turning it on and off, changing the thermostat often will eventually lead to breakdowns and costly repairs.

The Bottom Line

The saving power of AC units is undeniable—they keep the scorching heat away from your home, keeping you cool and energized throughout the day. As with anything, however, it will eventually wear and tear, so frequent maintenance is necessary. As you look after your unit, however, bear in mind that certain mistakes, although seemingly harmless, can shorten its lifespan. For the best AC care, consider the expertise of a professional.

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