3 Common Causes of “Frozen” Air Conditioning Units

Your home’s air conditioning system is one of the more important appliances inside your house. While it may not be needed in cooler months, it can be dreadful not to have them functioning during the summers. It is for this reason that maintaining it is crucial—to not have it conk out when you need it the most.

One of the most basic issues to look out for when using your AC unit is “freezing.” As weird as it sounds, any slight malfunction in your AC system can cause its internals to freeze, thus affecting its overall function and efficiency. In order to properly repair it, diagnosing the source of the problem is your first step to victory.

To help you in this regard, here are three of the most common causes that make your air conditioning unit freeze up.

Reduced Airflow

Your air conditioning set-up is pretty straightforward, it cools the air passing through it, blows the hot air out, and lets the cold air seep into your home. Any disruption to this flow of air will dramatically reduce efficiency, possibly even causing your AC unit to freeze up or break.

The most common reason for this would be a clogged up air filter. A dirty air filter is quite easy to clean and replace, and it should be done regularly. If your AC unit is still acting up, then there might be a different vent or opening that’s blocking the airflow.

Dirty Internal Coils

Your AC’s coils are integral to it functioning properly. These come in direct contact with humidity and condensation, which make it a prime target for freezing. On a regular basis, these coils will simply drip off the water into the drip pan—but if it’s full and overflowing, then your coils can freeze.

Furthermore, the dirt on your coils will act as a retardant, thrust not letting it absorb the condensation quickly enough. This will, in turn, freeze it over—thus affecting the entire operation of your AC unit. The best solution to avoid such issues would be through the help of a professional air conditioning cleaning service; they can assure that your AC is in fully operational condition.

Broken blower fan

A broken blower fan is one of the worst causes of frozen ACs, as it leads to a number of problems that just compound on each other. To begin with, blower fans have the major job of transporting and controlling the airflow within your unit. A slight disruption to this won’t just affect efficiency—it can break it altogether.

A broken blower fan won’t be able to transfer air appropriately, causing a delay in the movement of cold air. That delay can cause moisture and condensation to stay longer, thus leading to it freezing over. 

Handling a broken fan is not easy; the electrical components can be tough if you don’t have the know-how. In such an event, your best option is to contact an HVAC repair service.


The functionality of your AC unit is dependent on how well you maintain it and how soon you react to needed repairs. By diagnosing the issue and resolving the problems immediately, you can avoid bigger repair costs and keep the AC functioning whenever you need it.

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