3 Common Problems With Your Furnace: Our Fixing Guide

The furnace is one of the most crucial parts of one’s house during the cold season, and it is specially designed to last for a long time. However, like any other machine, there will come a time when it will experience an error, and you will need a trained technician to correct the problem. If you try to remedy it by yourself with improper procedures, you could end up causing bigger problems that require costly repairs!

In this article, we will share three common issues you will encounter with your furnace and what you can do to troubleshoot them. Here are the situations you should watch out for:

Problem 1: A furnace not generating heat

The purpose of your furnace is to produce heat. If it is not functioning as it should, then something is definitely wrong with it. Keep in mind that there are many reasons your furnace will stop producing heat, but the most common is the tripping of the circuit breaker, especially when the blower is overworking. A blockage in the airflow will also encourage your blower to work harder, leading to an overloaded circuit that can cause the breaker to trip.

In such situations, consider resetting the home’s circuit breaker. Check if your home breaker is in the on or off position. Flipping the control back and forth will automatically reset your breaker. Make sure to end it with the “on” position. If it still does not function properly, you need to have your unit checked as the problem could be in the circuit’s wiring or the circuit breaker itself. 

Problem 2: The heat your furnace produces is not enough for the room

In this scenario, your furnace is producing heat, but it is not enough to keep the room well-heated. One cause of this is a clogged filter. Once you determine the problem, you need to locate your furnace filter and replace them with new ones. Regularly changing your air filter is essential as it will prevent dust, dirt, mould, bacteria, and allergens from building up inside your home. It will also prevent the heating-related problem mentioned from arising. 

Problem 3: The thermostat is not working properly

Keep in mind that a thermostat will stop working for various reasons. Make sure that you check if your thermostat is indeed connected the right way before making any move. Also, check if it is set to the “heat” option and if the chosen temperature is at least five degrees above room temperature. 

Next, check the battery condition of the thermostat. Make sure that you replace the battery every year or as often as needed. A little cleaning and dusting can also improve the thermostat’s condition. The last thing you need to do before making a call to an expert is to check the breaker. If none of these worked, it is time to ask for the professional’s assistance. 


Getting yourself familiar with these common furnace problems will help you identify what parts and particulars you should keep an eye on and what you can do when the situation arises. Just remember that when it comes to severe issues that require immediate attention, refer to a professional technician at Legacy instead. They are the best people to know what your furnace needs and how to save it. 

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