3 Myths About Air Conditioning That Have Trapped You

While it may be clear that air conditioners are an absolute must to have in any home because of how they provide the coolest living experiences, there’s one part about these appliances that you need to remove: The myths that surround them.

Debunking the common myths that surround air conditioners

Although air conditioner myths may not be worrying to you, the truth is that many homeowners fall prey and end up spending hundreds to thousands of dollars every year. Fortunately, avoiding the possibility of becoming another one of these misinformed victims can be easily done by taking note of all of the common myths and knowing the truth.

If you don’t want to spend hundreds to thousands of dollars of your own hard-earned money on avoidable mistakes, here are three myths about air conditioning that you should know about:

Myth #1: You need to turn your temperature down so that the room cools faster

No matter how silly it sounds at first, you will have believed this common myth at one point or another (and probably still do to this day). The truth is that lower temperature settings don’t equate to quicker cooling times because choosing a sub-20 setting and any option above 25 pumps out air at the same rate!

Myth #2: You won’t need to clean your fins and coils because they do that themselves 

When it comes to air conditioner ownership, you may have thought that your systems are self-sufficient when it comes to cleaning to the point that you neglect to clean your fins and coils!

Your AC unit’s fins and coils, contrary to popular belief, don’t clean themselves because their primary functions are to pass refrigerants from the system into the air and absorb heat from inside the house. As a result, these primary functions affect the parts in question to the point where they pick up a significant amount of grime and dust that needs to be cleaned so that your unit’s functioning isn’t compromised!

Myth #3: Bigger units make for better user experiences

Similar to the common line of thinking that comes with cars, buffets, and poutine platters, the belief of “the bigger, the better” is one that has also found its way to the concept of AC unit usage and purchasing. 

While it makes sense at first to have a bigger unit because greater power capacities make for greater cooling experiences, the reality is that each model and specific power rating is apt for specific room sizes. Placing an AC unit that’s too big for its room capacity, for instance, will result in having the air conditioner itself turning on and off intermittently, resulting in a premature breakdown over time!


The experience of owning air conditioners is one that is riddled with too many myths that can get in the way between you and hassle-free, comfortable time on the hottest summer days. By staying well-aware of the myths mentioned above, you’ll be able to avoid any potential problems and unnecessary expenses in the long run!

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