3 Reasons You Shouldn’t Try Fixing Your Furnace by Yourself

The DIY revolution has taken over, leaving homeowners everywhere confident in their abilities (or lack thereof) to handle home improvement, repair, and maintenance tasks on their own. Given all the money savings, can we really blame them?

From exterior painting and power washing to basic cabinet installation and sink repairs, nearly every aspect of a home can be repaired with some tools, a can-do attitude, and WikiHow. When executed well, a DIY fix can save you money and help you develop a new skill. When executed poorly, though, you’ll be losing a lot more than the money you spent on the fees of an expert.

While the self-sufficient mindset is wonderful for painting an accent wall and refurbishing your kitchen cabinets, there’s one particular part of your house you should leave to the professionals: the furnace.

Here’s why you shouldn’t fix your furnace by yourself

You may have fixed the squeaky front door, but that doesn’t mean you’ve instantly developed the skill to repair a furnace. In all cases, any problem with the appliance should be left to the care of a skilled professional. Here’s why:

It’ll cost you more to fix it on your own than hiring a professional

Given the complexities of an average furnace and all the risks involved, you can’t doubt the fact that trying to jury-rig a repair job will result in even more problems than you started with.

As opposed to other parts of your home that could easily be DIY’d, this particular fixture has a small margin of error. With the help of an expert technician, however, you can leave the intricacies of the task at hand to someone who’s guaranteed to get the job done right. This ensures any costly mistakes are avoided and you aren’t left out in the cold.

DIY-ing your repairs can put your life and safety at risk

In the furnace service industry, professionals have actively taken it upon themselves to warn homeowners of the dangers of DIY-ing repairs because of all the tragic events resulting from the same mistake. Making a simple blunder when dealing with the gas components or botching a wiring repair job can result in fatalities. This means you should put the effort into hiring a skilled repairman and see their fee as an investment as well as a safety policy.

Professionals know what to do with the possible problems— you don’t

It really doesn’t take a genius to understand why furnace repairs are best left in the hands of experts. They’re called professionals for a reason! With years of learning, experience, and proper training, professionals are equipped with the necessary skills and knowledge to properly handle any furnace-related problem in the safest way possible!


While it may sound a bit tempting to handle the repair job on your own to save money and claim boasting rights, furnace issues will always be best left in the care of a professional— such as Legacy Heating!

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