3 Results of Not Replacing Your HVAC’s Air Filter Regularly

Most homes require an HVAC system to keep everyone cool during the summer and warm during the winter. A heating and cooling system impacts the home’s comfort levels, and you surely want to feel comfortable at all times. However, there are certain parts of your system that need regular replacement, such as its air filter. It may seem simple, and it can easily go unnoticed, yet it’s extremely important that you replace the filter every now and then. 

If you fail to replace your HVAC filter regularly, here are three effects that will take place:

1. It Will Affect Energy Efficiency

Your heating system will typically consume a significant amount of energy, but it will use more energy if it is clogged up with dirt because you haven’t replaced your filter for quite some time. When it is blocked, your furnace will work harder to provide you with enough heating, meaning that it will consume more energy. Aside from that, a dirty filter will create more airflow resistance than what is expected.

2. It Will Increase the Chances of Damage

When you don’t change your dirty furnace’s filter, your system will work harder than usual, leaving it at risk of damages that will start from wear and tear. Eventually, your heating system will grow less and less efficient due to the wear and tear it experiences, and when left undetected, internal issues may develop. By the time you catch it, the damage has been done, and you will be faced with a costly repair or replacement. 

3. It Will Only Give Poor Indoor Air Quality

Air filters are meant to protect your HVAC system from the buildup of dust and dirt that can damage the equipment. With that, a dirty air filter will only hurt the air quality in your home. It can distribute the dust and dirt in your home, which will leave you and your loved ones inhaling dirty air. With the poor indoor atmosphere, you will never know what those particles can do to your health.

One of the easiest ways to improve the energy efficiency of your heating system is by replacing its filter. The first step you have to do is to identify the right size of the filter you need. You can find this in the manual, or you can partially remove the existing filter to check for its dimensions, which are often printed on the cardboard filter frame. 

When you have the correct size, all you have to do is turn off the system, find the filter, remove the old one, and insert the new filter, and you’re all done!


At this point, you now know the three consequences you will face when you don’t replace your furnace’s air filter regularly. If you don’t know how to do it by yourself, you can always ask the help of an HVAC company or where you purchased the system from for assistance. It will also be a great idea to have your system checked regularly to ensure that it is in good condition throughout the year.

The next time you notice that your heating system is not delivering good air quality, it’s likely time to replace the air filter. Replacing it is easy, and it will take you just several minutes. With this, you can guarantee that there will be good air circulating inside your home at all times. 

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