3 Signs That Indicate It’s Time to Replace Your Water Heater

Water heaters are unsung heroes in many homes. It’s one of the easiest HVAC units to overlook, but it can cause a significant crutch once it stops running correctly. Take it out of the picture, and you won’t have access to hot water that you use for various reasons – be it for a shower, washing the dishes, and other crucial household chores. 

Unfortunately, spotting problems with your water heater can be tricky, especially when it comes to judging whether the situation calls for a repair or replacement. If you want to flush further trouble down the drain, the list below should give a rundown of the warning signs that indicate it’s time to replace your water heater. 

Sign #1: Rumbling Noises 

Water heaters are often noisy when running, but the low, humming sounds should easily fade in the background. Once you notice reverberating noises, it’s a loud, problematic sign that there is something wrong with your water heater.

Booming noises are due to a surge in the water heater tank, thanks to a lime formation build-up, which calls for an immediate inspection. Popping sounds can also result in leaks, so it’s best to switch to a new unit before bigger problems occur. 

Sign #2: Sudden Spike In Your Electricity Bills

Water heaters are designed to withstand daily wear-and-tear, but it’s not built to last forever. The best units that undergo consistent TLC and maintenance throughout the years can last between 8 to 12 years, but the efficiency in its performance degrades the older it gets. 

If you notice a spike in your utility bills even if the water heater is functioning normally, it may be due to its old age. When calling for a maintenance check-up, keep in mind that it’s better to replace a unit that falls between the suggested lifespan above since repairs will only delay the inevitable, all while ramping up the costs. 

Sign #3: Water Heater Is Producing Less Water 

Water heaters should consistently provide hot water, but if you notice the temperature lessening by the day, there could be deeper issues that compromise the unit’s performance. There are plenty of potential culprits behind the malfunction, from faulty thermostats to a broken fuel supply.

Replacing the water heater altogether poses a more economical solution since the time and fees it takes to repair the broken parts will not guarantee its longevity. 

The Bottom Line: Spotting The Red Flags That Suggest You Need To Replace Your Water Heater 

Water heaters play a pivotal role in delivering hot water in homes, so experiencing problems with your HVAC system can disrupt your routine in more ways than one. Identifying the tell-tale signs of a dying water heater can help you replace the unit before the issue spirals out of control, allowing you to minimize repair costs and reduce interruptions in your day-to-day life.

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