3 Tips on How to Achieve Energy-Efficiency at Home

When you take a look at your home’s HVAC system, you may only see the need to keep everything working well enough, so that cold and hot air is maintained on the premises.

Admittedly, HVAC systems in any property are considered the hardest workers because of how overworked and underappreciated they can be. In the case of properties that live in much more temperate climates, these trusty assemblies must be kept in top shape at all times because of how even the slightest of failures quickly lead to terrible results.

From keeping things nice and toasty during the Canadian winters to making sure that everybody stays cool with cold air in the summer, the tasks that your system can do are nearly endless. While it may be clear that HVAC systems are essential for every Canadian home because of their benefits, the truth about them is that many people do not widely know their full potential and what else they can do. For instance, did you know that you can make your home’s system more energy-efficient?

Make your HVAC system energy-efficient with these tips

Although it may seem like an overly-complicated task that requires lots of investment in time and money, the truth about bringing energy savings for your home is that it’s relatively easy. If you want to cut down your HVAC system’s energy usage levels and make sure that everything runs smoothly, here are three ways to make it more energy-efficient: 

Tip #1: Always change your air filters when you can

When you start using your HVAC system over time and begin to realize that you’re forced to boost the settings because of how weak the flow can get, then it’s safe to say energy efficiency is nowhere near. This means that it’s time to swap your air filters.

It might not sound drastic as you might expect, but changing your air filter regularly makes for even more energy savings because it eases up the amount of work your system needs to dish out. By following a regular changing process, you’ll see your meter readings drop well enough to reduce your monthly utility dues by a staggering amount!

Tip #2: Opt for programmable thermostats

Keep in mind that saving as much money and energy as possible when using your home’s HVAC system is an endeavour that calls for upgrading when the need comes around.

For most homes in Edmonton, however, there’s one type of investment opportunity that is essential when trying to maintain an HVAC system: programmable thermostats. By opting for this technology, you’ll uphold energy-saving settings even when you aren’t home to ensure that your energy is used right even while everything is nice and comfortable!

Tip #3: Get your HVAC system serviced regularly

Among all the different ways to achieve energy-efficiency in your home’s system, none are as overlooked and effective as an excellent regular system service. When you take the time to enlist the services of an experienced expert—such as the professionals at Legacy Heating—you can have your system fine-tuned to remain efficient over time with constant useful tweaks! 


The biggest mistake that you can make when it comes to dealing with your home’s HVAC system is thinking that you can’t make it any more energy-efficient. This is essentially why it’s critical to maximize every opportunity for cost savings. By taking the three tips mentioned above into mind, you’ll help cut a chunk off your monthly dues and ensure your home cools and heats as well as it should! 

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