3 Tips to Reduce the Load on Your Home Furnace

Canada is known for its brutal winter conditions that can make daily life during those months a challenge. With heavy snowfall from blizzards and various temperature drops, it can definitely take some getting used to for new Canadian immigrants. However, it doesn’t matter if you’re a born-and-raised Canadian or a newly-welcomed one because below-freezing temperatures are not a fun time for anyone. 

In Alberta, temperatures can get even colder because of the geographic location, which is why heating and air conditioning in Edmonton is a must-have for the shifting temperatures. If you’ve ever spent a few hours out in a blizzard, you’ll know how horrible it feels and how much you want to be home instead. Now, what if your home’s heating isn’t working because HVAC maintenance wasn’t taken into consideration? You’ll likely be in for a bad time because having a warm home is essential in surviving Canadian winters. Here’s how you can extend your heater’s life according to HVAC maintenance professionals:

Install a Dynamic and Programmable Thermostat

There are already tons of technologies available on the market to add programmable thermostat products to your home. With these products, you can adjust the heat your home receives and even regulate the furnace to last longer. Keeping your home at a comfortable temperature and adjusting it when you aren’t around can help reduce loads on your heating system. 

With a set of programmable thermostats, your home will have a better comfortable feel, which helps when the temperatures outside are below freezing. In fact, having adjustable thermostats can keep furnace repair services away because it won’t be working too hard at all times. You’ll then save tons of money and a potentially dangerous fire hazard if the furnace heats up too much. 

Watch Out for Leaks

If your furnace is leaking air somewhere, this is a quick way to damage the furnace because you’ll be spiking the temperature knob to make up for hot air not travelling fully. If your furnace works too hard, it could burst or even get damaged, leaving you with a non-working heater that will require a new one or expensive repairs. Once your hot air is leaking, gaps in the door, windows, and walls will leak cold air in and make the house feel uncomfortable. 

If you want to find leaks, it’s best to have your HVAC maintenance professional take a look at your home, or run some DIY tests by using an incense stick near the suspected area. Additionally, investing in good insulation checks and installation throughout the summer and fall will help prepare for cold air entering your home during the heavy winters. 

Change Air Filters Often

Your air filter will require changes over the year, and using a dirty furnace filter for your heater will make it blow cold air and destroy the device. You’ll likely want furnace repair services to have a look at the whole network of the heater line to see if anything needs changing or replacing. Air filters are one way to troubleshoot your HVAC maintenance woes because of their function acting as a protective system for your furnace. 

If air is harder to move, your furnace will work harder to inhale air and exhale it as hot air, which means that you’ll likely feel cold and bump up your thermostat without actually needing to do so. Once you check your air filter and you see it old and dusty, it’s time for a change. 


Heating and air conditioning are important in a country that experiences extreme weather shifts throughout the year. If you want to avoid needing furnace repairs, you’ll need to invest in HVAC maintenance services to ensure that your system remains steady all year round. However, taking these steps to reduce the load on your furnace can help maintain its integrity. 

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