4 Effective Ways to Optimize Indoor Airflow at Home

Recently, people have been more inclined to appreciate fresh air, especially because of the recent occurrence of air pollution that has been affecting many lives around the world. Aside from having badly polluted air, people should also be aware that bad ventilation or poor air quality in homes could be a cause for long-term health issues. 

If a home’s air quality isn’t optimized, it’s been proven that the air found in a poorly ventilated room could be worse than the polluted air found outside. In this article, you’ll learn about potential health hazards and ways to prevent them through HVAC maintenance.

Can You Grow Ill From Poor Quality Indoor Air?

Excessive exposure to less-than-ideal air can be harmful to your body in the long run. The effects can range from something as trivial as the sniffles to something as serious as asthma and other chronic conditions. Fortunately, you can improve the state of your respiratory system and quality of life by taking a few relatively simple measures. 

How You Can Improve the Indoor Air Quality at Home

You may not be able to control the quality of air outdoors, but you do have some degree of control over the air within your home. Here are our suggestions for improving your indoor air quality:

#1 Keep Your Home Clean

A neat home is easy on the eyes, but a clean home is one that supports your health by keeping dust, germs, and other particles at bay. While dusting and mopping should be a given, take extra precautions to improve your air quality such as cleaning rugs and curtains more often as they could collect more dust than any other part of your home.

#2 Get Better Ventilation

The easiest way for you to improve the ventilation in your home is to open your windows, but the next big step you could take is to have vents installed or your HVAC system professionally cleaned. If you already have the luxury of having vents in your home, then you should keep in mind that you must regularly replace the filters so as to not let any dust or mould to accumulate. It’s also a good idea to have experts come in for professional maintenance to ensure that your system is in ideal condition.

#3 Use HEPA-Rated Air Filters 

Aside from frequent filter replacements, the next thing you should consider for better air quality is to use HEPA-rated air filters as they have a much greater yield for bacteria and mould that are potentially in the air. Preventing the growth of bacteria and mould is imperative in ridding your home of any respiratory hazards.

#4 Choose Houseplants Wisely

Many people may consider that having indoor plants is a great way for getting oxygen within the confines of their homes. However, having indoor plants could potentially harbour mould which is easily one of the most dangerous and difficult problems to deal with once they spread and enter your respiratory system. Make sure that you choose houseplants wisely and ensure that they are well taken care of so that they don’t rot or become hosts to mould, further endangering your health.

What Are You Waiting For?

Now that you have a better understanding of the many hazards of having bad indoor air quality, you should now have the incentive to deal with them. You might find it helpful in taking the steps to improve your air quality now so you could avoid any future health issues that could have been caused by the air around you. You should also note that better ventilation helps with getting rid of any odours within your home. Having a cleaner home means a healthier home and an overall better quality of life!

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