4 Thermostat-Related Issues & How They Affect Your HVAC

One of the most integral parts of your HVAC system is your thermostat, the control panel that sets your home’s overall temperature. It needs to be accounted for at all times through proper maintenance and repairs. It also needs upgrades to ensure everything runs smoothly. But what exactly should you watch out for when it comes to your thermostat

This article will discuss what you need to do to address thermostat-related issues and maintain high-quality heating and air conditioning and energy efficiency. Take this as an opportunity to invest in your HVAC as your space’s main provider of atmospheric comfort and healthy, breathable air.

1. Check and replace the batteries

Your thermostat’s screen indicates when the batteries need replacing. If the batteries are fine, check your circuit breaker to see whether the fuse is still intact, as this can also affect the batteries’ performance. It may also be because the batteries you are using are old or poor-quality, impairing your HVAC’s energy efficiency and the thermostat’s functionality.

Aside from replacing the batteries, you can have HVAC repair contractors come in to recommend better batteries and thermostats in your home. Doing so ensures that you only buy what you need and don’t waste money on ineffective solutions. It also lets you keep your HVAC system running all season long and keep your space comfortable for everyone. 

2. The thermostat’s system capability doesn’t match the HVAC system 

You may have your HVAC installed and want to upgrade it yourself by going to your nearest thermostat supplier, but you may choose the wrong thermostat to match your current HVAC. This is the main reason you need to contact HVAC professionals to ensure that your new thermostat matches your existing air conditioning unit.

For instance, we at Legacy Heating offer a full range of modern thermostats (Google Nest, Ecobee, Honeywell, AprilAire) with smart home technology to provide convenient and effective air control and temperature in your space. Our team of professional HVAC contractors can also provide you with viable air conditioning unit recommendations to ensure that you make a cost-effective HVAC upgrade for your home. 

3. The thermostat and HVAC system are dirty 

You need to be mindful of your HVAC unit’s cleanliness since it can also accumulate a lot of dirt over time if left unchecked. Ensuring its components are clean allows you to avoid inconsistent temperature control changes and poor air quality. It enables you to provide comfort and healthy air for your family’s comfort and health. 

As a preventive measure, remember to read your HVAC and thermostat manuals about proper cleaning and maintenance checks. Use the appropriate home appliance cleaners and non-abrasive cleaning materials to clean and avoid damaging your HVAC system. You can also call HVAC professionals to conduct cleaning and maintenance to keep your home’s high-quality temperature control in check. 

4. Wrong thermostat settings and placement

You need to be aware of your thermostat’s current settings and its placement since these can affect its overall temperature control performance. For example, let’s say you set your programmable thermostat to change the temperatures. It may be inaccurate if placed next to an open window where the sunlight can affect its readings, resulting in ineffective temperature control. 

The best solution to this thermostat issue is to place your programmable thermostat in a place where it will not be affected by sunlight. Consult with Legacy Heating and Cooling to determine the perfect spot and recommended settings for your space, resulting in accurate temperature readings and changes when necessary. 


Remember—your thermostat needs attention to make effective use of your HVAC system. Be mindful of the previously mentioned issues and use the provided solutions to solve them. Don’t forget to connect with your logical HVAC contractor to provide the best solutions for your HVAC system.  

Legacy Heating is your professional HVAC contractor in Edmonton for repair and maintenance concerns. We also offer viable thermostat upgrades and maintenance packages to maintain the high-quality indoor temperature and air control in your home. Consult with us today to provide maximum comfort for your family.

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