4 Tips to Choose the Right Location for Your Air Conditioner

When it comes to installing an air conditioning unit in your home, the most crucial decision to make is not really in which unit you pick, but where you will install it. That is because even if you work with the best unit in the world, putting it in the wrong place will negatively affect its efficiency and increase the energy cost to cool your home.

That said, if you are thinking of installing an air conditioning unit in your home, here are some tips you must follow when choosing the right place for it.

1. Must be obstacle-free for maximum airflow 

Wherever you decide to locate your air conditioning unit, make sure there are no obstacles near it. That is because any blockages that impede the airflow will diminish the AC’s ability to cool the room and force it to work harder to maintain the right temperature. This can lead to a higher electrical bill and more repairs because the AC is overworking itself. For that reason, always ensure the AC is not obstructed in any way.

2. Must be away from heat sources

If the AC is placed anywhere near a heat source, such as a furnace or an electrical appliance, the temperature detector will get false readings. This makes the AC think that the room needs to be cooled further; when in reality, the room is already cold. As a result, the AC ends up working harder to cool the room, continuously running to maintain a temperature because of the false reading. With that in mind, keep the AC away from any heat sources.

3. Place the AC near a power source

Air conditioning units will need a power source to run. Without it, they are useless. With that in mind, look for power sources around your home and make sure the AC is placed near one. That way, you can avoid using extension cords to connect the AC to an outlet. Look for a power source and place your AC near it. If there are outlets nearby, you can contact professionals to set up your AC for you.

4. Avoid placing it near electrical appliances

We previously mentioned that electrical appliances produce heat, but there is another reason to avoid placing your AC near one. Once in a while, the AC can leak, and moisture reaching any electrical appliance below can spell trouble. Plus, when it comes to maintaining the AC, there needs to be enough space for experts to clean the AC thoroughly. To avoid any unnecessary damages to your electrical appliances, make sure the AC is far away from any of them.


By following the tips above, you can place your air conditioning unit in the perfect spot in your home. Doing so will let it run efficiently and effectively, cooling your house while ensuring its longevity.

If you are having trouble finding a suitable location for your AC, be sure to contact professionals for the job. They can quickly identify which areas are ideal for your units and help you install them. This means much less work for you, and you can sit down and enjoy the cold air knowing your AC is performing at its best!

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