4 Troubling Signs It’s Time to Replace Your Air Conditioner

A high-quality air conditioning system boosts the quality of your life and keeps you and your family comfortable. Due to the everyday wear and tear and constant usage of your system, this can possibly break down anytime. Worse, this can occur in the middle of hot summer days when you need cool air the most. To prevent this from happening, you have to reach out to a company that offers air conditioning repair. On the other hand, if your unit can no longer be fixed, then this should be replaced right away.

When Should I Replace My Air Conditioner?

Depending on how well you care for it and how much you maintain it properly, your air conditioning unit can last for around 10-15 years. You should consider replacing your air conditioner as soon as various issues arise and you experience problems with it. 

When you notice that your air conditioner in Edmonton no longer works as efficiently as it did before or its temperature no longer adjusts correctly, be prepared for a repair or a complete replacement. You can count on us to get your system running just like brand new.

What Are the Signs That Tell Me I Need to Have My Air Conditioner Replaced?

1. Your room does not get cool air

Your air conditioning system is meant to cool your room. When you are not getting any cool air at all, there might be major problems with your unit, such as a broken compressor or low Freon levels. To find out the issue with your air conditioner, it is best to use your warranty or consult a professional immediately.

2. Your air conditioner needs to get repaired repeatedly

If your faulty air conditioning system needs to get fixed every once in a while, consider replacing the entire unit with a new one. Repeated repairs can drain your budget, and this can even get more costly in the long run. You can potentially save more money by choosing the more cost-effective solution, which is to simply buy a new air conditioner.

3. Your unit has moisture or is leaking excessively

If you find that your air conditioner has moisture around it or your unit is leaking excessively, then you may have a major issue that needs to be addressed by an expert immediately. Remember, leaking coolant can be harmful to your health if you fail to call in a professional right away. This can also cause costly damage to your furniture or floors. Some telltale signs you need to look for are pools of water around your air conditioning system. 

4. Your air conditioning system produces unusual sounds

Unusual noises from your air conditioner, such as grinding, banging, rattling, squealing, and other sounds can be a sign that your unit has a serious issue, such as damaged components. When you hear these noises coming from your unit, make sure to turn off your system and contact an expert as soon as you can. 


While your air conditioning unit is durable and long-lasting, various issues can occur that can cause it to break down unexpectedly. When this happens, don’t hesitate to get in touch with technicians right away.

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