5 Common Problems Faced When Air Filters Are Not Replaced

An air conditioning system is meant to provide your home with cool space, cozy ambiance, and the utmost comfort. Each part of your AC unit plays a crucial part in maintaining its overall condition and ensuring its optimal performance. Whether it is the thermostat, compressor, evaporator, condenser, blower, fan, or filter, each component needs to be inspected and maintained properly.

One part that’s often neglected is the air filter. As the name suggests, it filters the air that comes out of your AC. When it comes to this, regular cleaning is a must, and at times, replacing it may be necessary as well. However, some homeowners forget to change them regularly, leading to various issues.

In this article, we will share five common problems associated with not getting your air filter replaced regularly:

1. Uneven cooling and freezing

A clogged filter will impact the continuous airflow of your AC unit. The chances are that you’ll notice an uneven distribution of cold air with hot and cold spots in your space. On the other hand, restricted airflow can also lead to the freezing of your unit. As a result, there will eventually be a buildup of ice inside the condenser coils that can damage your unit.

2. Allergen accumulation

As mentioned, these components are meant to filter the air coming out of your unit. Over time, they get accumulated with dust, dirt, and other debris. If left unattended for a long period, the allergen accumulation gets released and circulated at home. This can lead to respiratory and other health problems among family members in the household.

3. Short-cycling

Keep in mind that your AC unit is supposed to cycle on and off regularly throughout the day. However, a dirty air filter can disturb its regular sequence. As a result, you’ll encounter strange sounds, irregular temperature changes, and wasted energy consumption produced by your unit. You’ll be amazed at how simply changing your filters can avoid your unit from short-cycling.

4. Reduced efficiency

With a dirty filter, your AC unit won’t be as efficient as expected, and it will have to work harder throughout the day due to the obstruction. As a result, it will have to consume more energy that will likely increase your monthly utility bills by a big margin. You’ll be surprised at how this can have a huge dent on your monthly expenditure.

5. Early wear and tear

Why should you get your air filters replaced? The simple answer is to avoid potential damages to your AC unit. As you may or may not be aware, the dirt accumulation can affect the parts or components, and this can prematurely damage your appliance. Ultimately, you will want your unit to be in top shape and have a longer lifespan.


Now, let’s go back to the original question: why do you need to regularly replace your air filter? The answer to this is to avoid the five common problems discussed above—uneven cooling and freezing, allergen accumulation, short-cycling, reduced efficiency, and early wear and tear.

As a rule of thumb, you must replace or clean your filter every month, depending on its type. You have the option to opt for a reusable or disposable one for your unit. Ultimately, it’s highly critical to get an air filter replacement designed specifically for your AC system.

If you want to avoid the five common problems mentioned above, it’s best to depend on expert assistance. At Legacy Heating, we offer heating and air conditioning services in Edmonton, AB, such as HVAC repair, replacement, and maintenance. If you’re looking to replace your air filter, contact us today to set an appointment!

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