5 HVAC Maintenance Recommendations for Edmonton Winters

Nothing is worse than having to bear cold fall and winter seasons without the proper heating at home. It’s hard enough getting around, and being outside and having similar temperatures indoors is not a great way to live. Sleep will be interrupted, comfort is disrupted, and this is overall harmful to your home’s appliances and structural integrity. 

Alberta’s winters can prove to be particularly brutal, making heating and air conditioning in Edmonton an essential part of any home. Surviving with a damaged HVAC unit will likely be a terrible experience and can even cause sicknesses due to the increased exposure to freezing temperatures. Therefore, HVAC maintenance becomes an essential part of any home’s annual inspection jobs to prepare for fall and winter. 

HVAC Maintenance Tips

Living in frigid temperatures is not the way humans are meant to live, as these impair daily functions due to the discomfort. Here is a list of five HVAC maintenance recommendations to prepare for the annual cold front:

1. Conduct HVAC System Repairs or Replacements

HVAC repairs are essential when you see signs of inconsistent temperatures, leaks, or other difficulties with heating and cooling rooms. It also helps to consider the entire system’s age, which helps determine whether a replacement or overhaul is needed. A broken HVAC system’s indicators are high electricity bills, indicating something is wrong with the whole unit. Additionally, older units are typically much less efficient than modern ones, so converting to a newer unit will save more money in the long run. 

2. Invest In Insulation

Insulation plays a massive role in heating and air conditioning in Edmonton because HVAC systems that are competing with outdoor temperatures are going to be less effective. Since the HVAC unit has to adjust to various drops and rises in temperatures from outdoors, this places stress on the unit, ramping up electricity bills. 

3. Check Filters Regularly

One inspection that many fail to do is regularly checking the air filters, as dusty filters must always be replaced. The more clogged a filter is, the less airflow occurs to power the HVAC unit. It is recommended to change the filter quarterly and to check on them every month. 

4. Have the Unit Cleaned

A dirty HVAC system is going to be less efficient than one that is clean and internally organized. HVAC maintenance does this job well, and it is best to do this as often as possible, or at least twice a year before summer and winter arrives. This cleanliness will ensure the best cool airflow during hot summer days and adequate heating during the winter.

5. Use Smart Thermostats

The homes of the future are all shifting to smart devices and appliances. These automatic temperature units can save hundreds of dollars annually, as it is in human nature to forget about things like changing the thermostat. There are also wifi programmable thermostats you can control from a phone or a tablet to ensure that the house is never left with a running HVAC system. 


Heating and air conditioning are crucial, as Canada’s climate is harsh during winters and similarly intense during summers. HVAC repairs and maintenance can help keep a home comfortable and safe and are recommended to be done twice a year before the heat waves and cold fronts come in. 

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