5 Key Signs You Must Book an Air Conditioning Repair Service

The majority of homeowners only call for service repairs when their air conditioning units fail. But calling last minute isn’t the best way to handle your AC since prolonging mechanical issues can cause irreparable damage to the unit. The good news is that there are obvious signs that indicate if the system is malfunctioning or needs to be checked.

1. Noises

Noises are not typical, especially coming from your AC. It is a sign that you would need to call for an AC service. The common reasons behind these noises are a lack of lubrication, a damaged part, or a worn-out bearing. 

Although it might be a minor issue, calling a technician right away can help prevent significant problems from arising. Any clicking, grinding, or mechanical groaning noise should be cause for concern. 

2. Increased Utility Bills

Utility bills typically increase from time to time as the price per kilowatt-hour increase. However, exponential increases beyond seasons can be a sign that your AC system needs technical help. If the bills increase due to AC usage, it can mean that the system’s efficiency is declining due to damaged or malfunctioning components.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Visual indicators such as leaks can also mean that a service repair needs to be scheduled right away. Although this sign is undeniable, minor leaks may be harder to detect. 

Watch out for the temperature of the air coming through the vents. If the AC can’t cool your home like it used to, it can be a sign of a refrigerant leak. Another way to detect leaks is regular temperature drops. However, never attempt to locate or repair leaks on your own. Refrigerants are hazardous and pressurized. Instead, call a technician for help.

4. Excess Moisture

Moisture inside windows and leakage are two of the best indicators of necessary AC repair. However, water leakage is not necessarily as urgent as refrigerant leaks, but it still needs to be addressed to prevent rusting and mould. A regular AC tune-up should quickly resolve this issue 90 percent of the time.

5. Temperature Accuracy

There are times when the cooling function of your AC works fine, but the accuracy of the temperature appears to be off. Even if the temperature is set to a certain number, it can be offset by around 3–5 degrees. In this case, the thermostat is often the problem. Having them checked by a professional should either result in recalibration or replacement.


Owning an air conditioner is a need and a privilege. It can save you from the warmest of days and help you get through summer without burning. However, it is your duty as a homeowner to keep it maintained and taken care of. It doesn’t hurt to schedule a few maintenance appointments every quarter to ensure that it stays at its best quality. 

Maintenance checks can also be an opportunity to understand the status of your system and prevent it from breaking down. After all, prevention is always better than cure. In the case of your HVAC system, it is also less expensive. 

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