5 Reasons Your Furnace Constantly Stops and Starts

When you live in an area like Edmonton, where winters can get extremely cold, you know how important it is to keep your furnace in its best condition. The last thing you want is to wake up in the middle of a cold winter night chilling and finding out that your furnace has failed to operate. 

If you notice that your furnace stops and starts more frequently than what’s considered normal, which could very well mean trouble. When that happens, you’d definitely want to know what’s causing the problem. As such, Legacy Heating and Cooling’s experts will share five probable causes:

1. There’s a Problem With the Thermostat

This problem is actually more common than you might expect. To see if it’s the culprit, make sure that your thermostat is turned on and set to “HEAT” and at the right temperature because if it’s set too low, the furnace will stop more frequently. A malfunctioning thermostat may also be the problem. When it’s not sending the signal it should be sent to your furnace, then that could be causing the frequent stops and starts.

Another aspect to check is the location of the thermostat. You need to make sure that it’s not anywhere near any source of heat and that it’s approximately 1.5 meters above the floor. Don’t make the mistake of positioning it too high because it could result in a shortened furnace cycle. 

2. The Airflow Could Be Restricted

Keep in mind that your furnace works by drawing in air from your house and cycling it back as warm air to raise the temperature. If there’s any reason the airflow is restricted, like blocked intake and exhaust vents, short cycling can easily happen. To prevent this, make sure that nothing is covering your vents so that there is smooth airflow!

3. The Furnace May Have Overheated

Overheating is very much possible, even with a furnace. But thankfully, furnaces come with a safety feature that prevents them from heating excessively to the point of causing a fire. If your furnace is short-cycling, it could be that some components of your furnace are overheating. In such cases, you can work with the experts from Legacy Heating & Cooling, and we will easily do a furnace repair like this!

4. The Air Filter Is Dirty

The air filter needs to be completely clear so that the air could freely flow through it. When it’s clogged by dirt and other debris, it can keep your furnace from getting the amount of air it needs to run correctly. Change your furnace filter.

If this is what’s causing the problem, you can quickly address it by simply turning the furnace off and replacing the filter if you have a disposable one. If yours is permanent, you can remove it, clean it, and reuse it. To keep it from happening again, you must make sure to have it checked and cleaned at least every three months or so.

5. The Furnace May Be Too Big for Your Space

It’s possible that you got a furnace that’s too big for your home. What happens, in this case, is that the furnace heats your home too fast. Then, it will stop and start again abruptly as the house cools down. The only solution to this problem is to replace a new one with just the right size for your home!


At this point, you now know that your furnace starting and stopping more frequently than usual is an indication of possible damages and wear and tear. But if you don’t remedy the problem immediately, your furnace could worsen, and what’s supposed to be a simple repair could become more complicated. As such, be sure to hire a HVAC expert to fix the problem so that you can have a functioning furnace!

Legacy Heating & Cooling can provide you with furnace maintenance and repair services in Edmonton to help ensure that your heating system remains in tip-top condition. Get in touch with our experts today to learn more about our services!

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