5 Things You Can Do to Prepare Your Furnace for Winter

Many parts of Canada are known for having cold winters, but Alberta’s winter is an entirely different animal. One thing you absolutely do not want to happen is to have problems with your heating. If you have a furnace, now is the time to examine it for issues so that these can be solved before the coldest part of winter arrives. 

To that end, we have compiled this list of things you can do to ensure your furnace is fully functional. With no further ado, here they are:

1. Thermostat checks

There will be an adjustment period as you switch from cooling to heating. You must get through this adjustment period even before it gets to the point where things start to freeze. To test your thermostat, turn it to heating mode. After that, slowly raise the temperature to a few degrees higher than your current temperature. 

If the heat turns on, then you’re off to a good start. If it doesn’t, check the wire connections under the furnace, the blower, heat pump, or furnace fan. Your issues are likely to lie among these.

2. Change the filter

Your furnace filters should be changed approximately once a month, depending on the frequency of your use. This can keep pathogens and other harmful contaminants from building up and clogging your system. A dirty filter will place unnecessary strain on your HVAC system, especially since air might not pass through the system as well as it should. 

3. Check the heat exchanger

Your heat exchanger should be brushed and vacuumed at least once a year. This is something you could do yourself, but if you are not confident about your trane furnace maintenance skills, you should hire a professional to do it for you. 

A simple visual inspection can reveal cracks and damage in your heat exchanger. This damage should be repaired immediately if found, as it can cause dangerous and deadly carbon monoxide leaks. 

4. Protect the outdoor HVAC condenser

If you use a trane furnace, steps must be taken to protect your AC condenser. Falling branches, icicles, and other debris can damage it. As such, it is important to protect as the repairs are expensive. A simple trash can lid strapped onto the unit with bungee cords should suffice. A wooden board can be used to cover the condenser fan. 

Avoid using plastic or tarp to cover the unit, as it can cause moisture to build up. This moisture can cause problems as soon as the weather starts to warm up. 

5. Schedule inspections

The transition between seasons is the perfect time to hire our HVAC professionals to inspect your furnace. Their expert knowledge will come in handy when you try to identify the issues in your system. A trained technician will know the signs of damage and other issues, and the benefits of hiring one cannot be overstated. 

Final thoughts

With a pandemic raging around us, allowing the family to get sick from the cold is not a thing you can allow. Your heating system must be up and running at all times, to protect you and your family not just from the cold, but from the health concerns that may arise. 

If you do need some help with your trane furnace, send us at Legacy Heating a message. We offer the most efficient and cost-effective HVAC products and services in Edmonton.  Prepare Your Furnace for Winter with Legacy Heating and Cooling!

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