6 Common Furnace Problems That Require Expert Assistance

A furnace is a major component of a central heating system that is used to warm up a residential space. It is particularly useful during winter, where the need for heat is high and where it is expected to work more efficiently. But the chances are that it can be subject to wear and tear over time, especially with constant usage. For this reason, regular maintenance is a must, and an immediate fix is necessary if there are any damages to the appliance.

In this article, we’ll cover six common furnace problems you must be on the lookout for, indicating that it requires expert intervention:

1. Furnace not heating enough or at all

The Furnace is supposed to heat your home, but the chances are that it isn’t heating enough or not heating at all. When confronted with this problem, check to see if your unit isn’t sufficient to accommodate your large space’s needs. If not, be sure to inspect if there’s a problem with the thermostat setting, power, gas, or the pilot light.

2. Frequent short cycling

Short-cycling refers to a situation where your furnace turns on and off too frequently, which is a common term used in the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) world. When confronted with this, you may have a problem with a clogged filter, improper airflow, or low thermostat setting.

3. Faulty pilot or ignition

For the uninitiated, the pilot light is a small flame that continuously burns inside the appliance. It works when the main gas supply turns on, and it sparks the fire in the burner. If there’s an issue with the pilot, the burner won’t ignite at all. If you are greeted with this tell-tale sign of damage, then you likely have a faulty pilot light or ignition.

4. Malfunctioned thermostat

Keep in mind that a furnace thermostat is the main control of your central heating system, which determines when and how much heat will be delivered throughout your space. If it does not function properly, you’ll have difficulty adjusting the settings and getting the right comfort levels.

5. Dirty filters

Over the years of usage, the filters can easily get accumulated with dust, dirt, and debris. As a result, they can constrict the continuous airflow and impact the quality of air circulated inside your space. This is why you must clean and replace them whenever necessary.

6. No regular maintenance

Some homeowners or property managers often tend to overlook the importance of setting regular maintenance of their furnace. They’ll only have an inspection and repair when problems already arise. In doing so, they will not be able to detect minor problems early on, which will then become costly issues.


At this point, you now know six common problems you must watch out for with your appliance at home. As discussed above, be wary of a furnace not heating enough or at all, frequent short-cycling, faulty pilot or ignition, malfunctioned thermostat, dirty filters, and no regular maintenance.

Remember that it’s best to have regular maintenance to keep your furnace in top shape and working condition. Along with this are constant inspection and system tune-up. If one or some of the problems above arise, be sure to get in touch with an HVAC contractor for the immediate fix or replacement or your heating appliance.

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