7 Common Problems With Furnaces—What to Do (Part 2)

A furnace is one of the most common systems at home. It is particularly useful during winter as it serves to warm your home space. But just like any other appliances or units, it is subject to wear and tear after months and years of usage. This is why identifying the common problems it faces is vital to ensure they are immediately fixed and addressed before they escalate to major damages and leave your unit completely malfunctioned.

In the previous article, we’ve covered three common problems with furnaces encountered by most households. In this article, we will share another four furnace issues so that you know what to do:

4. Contaminated burners

The burner is the heart of your furnace, as it’s responsible for mixing air and fuel and burning them to create heat. If there’s a problem with it, your heating unit won’t be able to serve its purpose. One issue commonly encountered is a contaminated burner. For this, you must check to see if it’s free from dirt, dust, and other debris, as well as observe the flame it’s producing. If the flame is blue, that means it’s clean; however, be wary if it’s yellow as the burner is probably dirty. With that, one simple solution to contaminated burners is to keep them clean!

5. Pilot control or electric ignition issue

In today’s market, you can find gas or electricity-powered furnaces. While the pilot light is a small flame used to ignite the burner in a gas furnace, the electric ignition control does not need to have a constant flame to run. However, if there’s a problem with the gas or electric ignition, the furnace’s performance will be compromised. First, ensure that the pilot light is functioning properly by turning the power off. For a faulty ignition, check the manual to see how to troubleshoot it. Better yet, hire a furnace technician for a thorough inspection and fix so that you won’t risk causing more expensive repairs!

6. Heating cycling problem

Another commonly encountered problem is heating cycling, where your furnace shuts off prematurely. When this happens, it likely means two things—the air filter is dirty or worn out. The best remedy for this is to change your filters regularly. Yet, if you’re still having the same problem after replacing your filter, you may deal with severe issues such as blower motor and belt problems

7. Irregular noises

Sure, your furnace may typically produce some sounds when in operation, but be wary of strange noises emanating from your heating unit. If you start hearing thumping, squealing, humming, rumbling, or banging sounds, you must immediately get the unit inspected. The noise may have to do with a clogged furnace burner, insufficient airflow, or other mechanical issues. Ultimately, calling a technician to get them fixed is the best option to go for!


Identifying furnace problems is the first step to getting your unit fixed before it gets worse. To that end, be wary of the common issues mentioned above and follow the steps on how to deal with them. In fact, you should have a regular furnace inspection and maintenance by hiring an HVAC professional to ensure your furnace will be in top shape and working order the whole year round! Legacy Heating and Cooling carry and install the Goodman, Trane, Lennox, and Coleman brands of Furnaces, with units always in stock!

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