Things to Know About Your Air Conditioner’s Air Filter

As a homeowner, you must strive to keep your environment clean, organized, and spotless to ensure you and your family maintain a healthy life every day. You need to spend time cleaning your rooms, dusting out areas, and ensuring there are no pollutants present indoors.

When the air inside your house affects your quality of living, it could be due to your heating or cooling system. Part of ensuring your place is free from bacteria and allergy-causing germs is to inspect your air conditioning system frequently and clean out its air filter.

Over time, dirty air filters can cause people to get sick. If you want to avoid unwanted illnesses and focus on having excellent indoor air quality, it’s your responsibility to look after your HVAC system. Keep reading below to find out how a dirty air filter can negatively affect your health.

Air Pollution is Bad for Your Health

By now, you may be familiar with the effects of pollution on the environment and people’s lives. Air pollution like smog comprises millions of tiny molecules present in the air that can place a negative hold on your health if you encounter it, and daily at that.

If you thrive in poor indoor air quality, over time, you will start noticing the signs that will tell you something’s wrong with your HVAC system. You and your family could become more sensitive to polluted air, experience asthma symptoms, and have difficulty breathing comfortably.

Although you can’t see what’s going on in your indoor air, it could contain various particles, including dust mites, pollen, dirt, mould, and pet fur. Fortunately, you can address your situation and eliminate the symptoms by calling for HVAC maintenance to target your dirty air filters.

Dirty Air Filters Can Impact Your Living

Sometimes, people get too caught up with their lives due to their priorities revolving around work, family, and a social life that they sometimes forget to check up on their AC units. When you go through months without assessing your cooling system’s current condition, germs could develop inside it and begin affecting your indoor air.

Depending on the air filter installed in your AC unit, you need to replace it or clean it out to keep bacteria at bay. It’s much better to hire professionals to maintain your HVAC system for you to avoid unwanted outcomes.

If you fail to do your part, your dirty air filter can decrease the optimal performance of your air conditioner. Moreover, dust and dirt could start to build up in the fan motors and valves, worsening your situation in the long run.

Cleaning Your Air Filters Often is Necessary

After accumulating dust, your air filter will start to prevent your AC system from producing clean and cool air. It will lead to a dirty home and higher bills because your AC must exert more effort to give you the air you need to remain comfortable.

Other than that, the steady indoor temperature you used to benefit from will begin to fluctuate, producing uneven cooling, further causing problems with your AC unit’s cooling capacity. For best results, you should clean out or replace your air filter once every month.

However, it will still depend on how often you use your cooling system and how big your home is, including the presence of pets. Besides that, if you or your family deals with respiratory problems, you must keep your AC’s air filter clean or replace it regularly to prevent health conditions from worsening.


Now that you know how crucial it is to keep your indoor air quality clean, you should manage your HVAC system as part of your responsibilities at home. It is necessary to clean or replace your air filter once a month to acquire better chances of preventing illnesses. If you live a busy life, you don’t have to shoulder the tasks on your own. Instead, you can reach out to HVAC experts who perform air conditioning repairs to address your situation.

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