Common Air Conditioner Problems and How You Can Avoid Them

Air conditioners are essential to modern life as they provide a comfortable living and working environment, whether in the hot summer or cold winter. With technological advances, air conditioners are now more efficient and cost-effective. 

Unfortunately, air conditioners can sometimes run into problems, making them unreliable and inefficient. From the loss of cool air to strange noises, many common air conditioner problems can occur. Fortunately, you can take steps to prevent or fix these issues and keep your air conditioner running smoothly.

Here are some causes behind AC issues and the air conditioner repairs you can do.

1. Low Refrigerant

Regarding air conditioning, refrigerant is one of the most important components. A refrigerant is a liquid or gas that cools the air in an air conditioning system. It works by absorbing heat from the air inside the house and transferring it outside, which is why it is so important to the functioning of your air conditioning system. 

If your air conditioner isn’t cooling your home as effectively as it should, you may have too little refrigerant. Other signs that you may have too little refrigerant include:

  • Your AC is taking longer than usual to cool down the room.
  • A lack of airflow.
  • A strange smell from the unit.

In this case, you must call a professional air conditioner repair service from Legacy Heating and Cooling to check the refrigerant levels and refill them if necessary.

2. Dirty Condenser Coils

The condenser coils are part of your AC’s outdoor unit and are essential to the overall cooling process. The coils release heat from your home and transfer it outside. If the coils are dirty, they can’t do their job efficiently, and your air conditioner will have to work vigorously to cool your home. This can contribute to higher energy bills, as well as a decrease in the overall efficiency of your system.

To prevent this, keeping the condenser coils clean and debris-free is important. You can do this by regularly cleaning the outside unit of your AC and removing any leaves, grass clippings, or other debris that may have accumulated on the coils. If the coils are still dirty after cleaning, you can use a special coil cleaning solution to eliminate any stubborn dirt or grime.

3. Thermostat Problems

Your AC thermostat is responsible for controlling the temperature in your home. If your thermostat isn’t working properly, your air conditioner won’t be able to regulate the temperature as efficiently as it should. This can lead to uncomfortable temperatures in your home and higher energy bills.

One way to ensure that your thermostat is working properly is to check the batteries. This way, you’ll know that the thermostat is getting the right amount of power and can accurately measure your home’s temperature. Additionally, you should replace your thermostat every few years to ensure it’s working properly. If you feel you are needing a new thermostat, Legacy Heating & Cooling has you covered. Legacy carries Ecobee, Google Nest, Honeywell and Lennox Thermostats.

Final Thoughts

Air conditioners are a great way to keep your home comfortable during the hot summer. However, it is important to take steps to ensure that your air conditioner is running properly. 

Regular maintenance and inspection and addressing any problems as soon as they arise can help you ward off costly repairs and ensure your air conditioner runs smoothly. If all else fails, you can hire an air conditioner repair service to diagnose and fix any issues.

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