AC Replacement: The Signs

Homeownership entails a number of difficult decisions. This usually means you have to maintain and care for your home. After all, it’s the biggest investment you have ever made.

Choosing an HVAC system is even more difficult. As such, it’s challenging to tell whether a broken air conditioner needs minor or extensive repair unless you’re a trained HVAC technician. When it comes to older air conditioners, most homeowners must choose between repair and replacement. 

Like older automobiles, air conditioners exhibit warning signs of impending failure. By keeping track of your older unit’s performance, you can start saving for a replacement unit well ahead of time. This way, you can also avoid breakdowns, especially during the hot season.

Read on to discover the signs to look out for.

Your AC Is Over a Decade Old

If your air conditioner is nearing its end of life, you should start saving for a replacement. Air conditioners, unlike furnaces, are frequently subjected to extreme temperatures throughout the year, shortening their life. Modern air conditioners can last up to 20 years, whereas older models only last 10 to 12 years. 

The health and efficiency of your air conditioner are determined by a number of factors, including how well you maintain it. Your ACs lifespan may be shortened if you skip annual tune-ups. You should also think about how often you use the unit, the humidity level in your area, and whether the unit was purchased for the correct size of your home. 

If you maintain your air conditioner properly, you should be able to expect it to last for another 10-15 years. Remember that as your air conditioner gets older, certain mechanical components may become unavailable or obsolete. If a component fails, you must buy a replacement unit. 

Your AC Frequently Breaks Down

Your air conditioner should not break down during the summer if you get yearly A/C tune-ups from qualified technicians. AC problems are caused by a lack of maintenance in a variety of ways; having your unit serviced will prevent them. Additionally, prior to the start of the summer season, HVAC technicians can diagnose and repair problems with your air conditioner. 

Given this, it’s cause for concern if your air conditioner keeps breaking down despite routine maintenance. While you may not require an AC replacement right away, you should start planning ahead of time. 

Breakdowns occur frequently, necessitating frequent repairs, which add up over time. It may be more cost-effective to buy a new unit rather than repair an old one, especially if the warranty has expired. 

The Cost of Bills Has Jumped Dramatically

Unless the energy consumption in your home varies significantly, your monthly energy bill should be consistent, with seasonal variations. It’s time for a new air conditioner if you’re using the same amount of energy but seeing an increase in your monthly bill. 

Increased energy bills could indicate that your air conditioner is broken or inefficient. There is a chance that the two issues are linked. 

A few unusually high energy bills should not be cause for concern. If your energy bills continue to rise, you may need to replace your air conditioner. 

Your A/C Use R-22 Freon 

Your air conditioner is most likely filled with R-22 Freon if it is more than ten years old. It has been determined that R-22 is hazardous to the environment and is phasing it out. 

Thus, you must start thinking about a replacement–an air conditioner with a non-R-22 model.


Perhaps it only makes sense to replace your air conditioner as it ages and degrades through time. Nowadays, you must also keep in mind not just trends but the new technological innovations that will take over gadgets and daily home appliances. Additionally, with these warning signs in mind, you can continue living comfortably with an efficient AC unit.

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