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Goodman Air Conditioning and Heating
Goodman GSXN3 AC

GSXN3 – Goodman Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 14.5 SEER2.

Goodman GSXN4 AC

GSXN4 – Goodman Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 15.2 SEER2.

Goodman GSXH5 AC

GSXH5 – Goodman Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 17 SEER2.

Goodman GSXC7 AC

GSXC7 – Goodman Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 17.2 SEER2. High efficiency 2-stage AC.

GE Appliances Air & Water Solutions

UUC – GE Side Discharge Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 14.5 SEER

Trane Air Conditioner | Legacy Heating and Cooling
Trane XR14 AC

XR14 – Trane Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 14.8 SEER2.

trane ac
Trane XR15 AC

XR15 – Trane Energy Efficient Split System Air Conditioner Up to 17.2 SEER2.

Legacy Heating and Cooling is your trusted Air Conditioning leader in Calgary and Edmonton areas!

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Always stocking Air Conditioners for both the Edmonton and Calgary regions:

  • Goodman Air Conditioner Installation (GSXN3, GSXN4, GSXH5, GSXC7)
  • General Electric (GE) Air Conditioner Installation (UUC)
  • Trane Air Conditioner Installation (XR14 and XR15)
  • Many models of Heat Pumps also available!

Plus Legacy Heating & Cooling offers the Legacy Lifetime Protection Plan on our new installs as well as Annual Maintenance Plans!

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What You Need To Know Before Buying a New Air Conditioner in Edmonton and Calgary.

Whether your old air conditioner has had enough and you doubt that it will be able to get you through the next summer or you’re interested in improving your energy efficiency moving forward, there are some things that you should know before you rush out and buy that new air conditioner for your Calgary or Edmonton home. After all, if you could get by with air conditioner repair rather than a new installation, that could save you some money. 

That said, a new central air conditioner for your Edmonton or Calgary home isn’t something to take lightly. It could represent a significant expense, and if you choose the wrong one you could also end up paying more in energy costs each month if the unit you go with is under or overpowered for the size of your home or it isn’t compatible with your ducting.

Improperly installed AC

The irony is that many Air Conditioners are improperly installed, so even if you opt for the best air conditioner money can buy, you may still be left with an air conditioner that won’t adequately cool your home, or an air conditioner that may cost you significantly more to run. There are also humidity problems to consider, as well as airborne pollutants and other air circulation issues to keep in mind, making that air conditioning installation for your Edmonton or Calgary area home a crucial decision.

The good news is that a new air conditioner from Legacy Heating and Cooling will last a long time.  Meaning any money and time you spend on a new AC today will keep you cool and comfortable in your home for years to come. Even if your existing air conditioning is working, you may be able to save money by switching to a more modern air conditioner that is more efficient at cooling your Edmonton or Calgary home.

Here are some other things to consider for Air Conditioner Install & Repair.

  1. Hire a professional installer.

    It may not seem like a complicated job, but air conditioning installation is not something to skimp out on. You may be able to buy an air conditioner from a big-box retailer or have one delivered to your home, but the installation is the most important part. A low-quality or shoddy installation could rob you of all those efficiency gains, as well as potentially shortening the lifetime of your new air conditioner. Call Legacy Heating and Cooling for your AC needs!

  2. Get the right air conditioner size for your home.

    When you buy in a retail store or online, it’s hard to make sense of all those numbers and models. And if you end up choosing an air conditioning unit that is underpowered for your Calgary or Edmonton home, you could end up paying more each month or reducing the life of your air conditioner. A too-large air conditioner is also a problem since you’re paying for power you don’t need.

  3. Complete a load calculation.

    Homes need a load calculation done anytime a new air conditioner is installed in Calgary or Edmonton because without it there’s no way to know if your system is running at peak efficiency. Indeed, if you had an underpowered or overpowered unit installed the last time out, simply replacing it with a similarly powered unit could lead to the same problems that you’re experiencing today. 

  4. Don’t forget the maintenance.

    Some homeowners may believe that an air conditioner only needs maintenance when there’s a problem. But annual tune-ups can help keep that new air conditioner cooling your Edmonton or Calgary home for longer than if you ignored it year after year. Not only is air conditioning maintenance needed to help ensure the long life of your new air conditioner, but it’s also a way to ensure that you’re getting best out of your air conditioner on a daily basis.

Air Conditioner Install & Repair

Key Benefits of Air Conditioning

1) Improved Health and Indoor Air Quality

On average, the air quality inside a building is two to five times worse than that of outdoor air. Air Conditioners circulate filtered air throughout a home and keep the air inside cool and clean from insects, allergens, dust, dirt, smoke, bacteria, pollens, and pollutants.

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) = Cooling Output During Summer / Energy Used During Summer

SEER Chart

2) Improved Mental Capacity and Better Sleep

Prolonged exposure to heat and humidity can not only lead to heat exhaustion but also cause overall mental sluggishness. Sleeping during warm nights can be difficult, leading to a lack of deep sleep, comfort, wakeups, and bed sweating. A cool home will greatly improve your family’s sleep, comfort, and mood.

3) Dehumidification

High humidity promotes bacterial and mold growth and leads to furniture degradation, stuffy-feeling environments, and other issues. Air conditioning can greatly reduce the humidity of your home.

The Cost to run your Air Conditioner

Average Summer Monthly Air Conditioner Electrical Cost Based on 10 kW
& Decibel Sound Levels When Running (June – Sept)

Seasonal Energy Efficiency Ratio (SEER) = Cooling Output During Summer / Energy Used During Summer

Square FootageAC Size10 SEER12.4 SEER 2 /
13.8 SEER 2 /
14.5 SEER
15.3 SEER 2 /
17.2 SEER 2 /
19.1 SEER 2 /
< 10001.5 Ton (18k BTU)$71
(77 db.)
(75 db.)
(72 db.)
(71 db.)
1000-16502 Ton (24k BTU)$95
(77 db.)
(75 db.)
(74 db.)
(71 db.)
(68 db.)
(66 db.)
1500-21002.5 Ton (30k BTU)$118
(77 db.)
(73 db.)
(74 db.)
(71 db.)
(68 db.)
(66 db.)
2100-2400 3 Ton (36k BTU)$142
(77 db.)
(74 db.)
(73 db.)
(71 db.)
(68 db.)
(66 db.)
2400-28003.5 Ton (42k BTU)$166
(78 db.)
(75 db.)
(73 db.)
(73 db.)
(74 db.)
(70 db.)
2800-3200 4 Ton (48k BTU)$190
(78 db.)
(76 db.)
(74 db.)
(73 db.)
(74 db.)
(70 db.)
> 32005 Ton (60k BTU)$237
(78 db.)
(77 db.)
(75 db.)
(73 db.)
(74 db.)
(65 db.)
Average decibel levels: 30 db. – Whisper, 60 db. – Conversation, 70 db. – Car Traffic, 80 db. – Semi Truck, 100 db. – Helicopter
Based on annual cooling hours

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