Top 9 Signs You Need to Get a Humidifier Immediately

January 4, 2023

Top 9 Signs You Need to Get a Humidifier Immediately

Are your nose, eyes, and throat feeling dry and irritated? Do you notice yourself waking up with a headache? If so, you may demand to add a humidifier to your home. Humidifiers are composed to add moisture to the air, which can help relieve dryness and relieve various symptoms. Here are the top nine signs […]

October 8, 2022

Easy Ways To Make Your Home Energy Efficient

Easy ways to make your home energy efficient! Many homeowners don’t realize how much energy seeps out of their house each day. According to experts, many homes — including new ones — act more like sieves than like sealed buildings. No one wants a house that wastes energy and money. Legacy professionals have put together the […]

September 22, 2022

5 Signs a Home Thermostat Is Broken and Needing Repairs

Heating and cooling systems are essential to every home. During the changing seasons, they bring warmth or coolness to the house for people to live comfortably all year round. However, like other devices, HVAC systems may need maintenance or repairs as they can get damaged over time. But before they become entirely unusable, the thermostat […]

central ac unit
September 22, 2022

Signs That You Should Repair or Replace Your Central AC Unit

If your central AC unit is starting to show its age, you may be wondering whether it’s time for a replacement or if you can get away with a repair. Of course, the answer to this question depends on a number of factors, including the age and condition of your unit, the severity of the […]

garage door
September 14, 2022

Garage Door Repair Services: Top Warning Signs You Need Them

Establishing security for your home comes in various forms. For instance, you could install an upgraded security system that instantly detects if someone attempted to break into your home. You could also install security cameras to keep an eye on your property at all times or use a security alarm to scare away potential intruders. […]

Legacy Heating And Cooling Edmonton Blog Post Image
September 12, 2022

5 DIY Tips to Save on Heating

DIY TIPS! The next time you feel a draft, try one of these simple DIY projects. They’re easy, take minimal time, and best of all – cost next to nothing! So get busy and ensure your house will be warm and cozy this winter. Here are 5 simple DIY Tips! Check your windows for incoming air. Use […]

Furnace Repair Technician Working on HVAC Unit in Leduc
September 10, 2022

Furnace Inspections: Saving You Money & Keeping You Warm

How Inspections Save You Money & Protect Your Family’s Health Are you a homeowner who has been anxiously putting off furnace inspection due to fear of exorbitant costs? Fear no more! In reality, annual furnace inspections can save you thousands of dollars, keep your family safe and healthy, and prevent your furnace from failing when […]

relaxing ac
August 18, 2022

Which AC is Best for Me?

Your Best AC! The weather’s been unpredictable this summer, but one thing’s for certain: we’ve had our fair share days over 25 degrees. Adding air conditioning is one of the most impactful home improvements you can make — your home’s comfort directly affects your quality of life. Installing an AC unit is an excellent way […]

May 18, 2022

Benefits to Energy Recovery Ventilators

Buildings are built to strict insulation and airtightness standards. Unfortunately, these standards can make a building difficult to heat or cool when used with HVAC systems. This issue is at the heart of energy recovery ventilators, or ERVs. This article will look at how an ERV works and how you can use it to improve […]

bundle and save
February 10, 2022

Ways to Save Money on Heating

Get your Furnace Cleaned. While its a pricier option, having your furnace cleaned and properly maintained by a licensed professional from Legacy Heating. This will have the largest impact on the efficiency of your unit. Even the most modern, high-efficiency furnaces can perform poorly if they are not cleaned and inspected regularly. Servicing your furnace […]



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