Common Air Conditioner Problems and How to Prevent Them

Having an air conditioner problem can be stressful, especially during the summer season. In Edmonton, the temperature can go as high as 35 degrees Celsius during the day. These days, you need your air conditioner unit to work well and serve its purpose of keeping you and your family comfortable. Familiarizing yourself with the common causes of air conditioner problems can help you assess and prevent them from happening. 

Here are the top problems you should know.

Problem 1: Low refrigerants

The refrigerants are the elements that absorb the heat from your indoor air and serve as its cooling agent. It is also responsible for dumping the heat outside. Once your AC is low on refrigerant, it won’t function the same, leaving you with an air conditioner that runs throughout the day but never cools your home. 

When this problem happens to your unit, and the refrigerant lines develop leaks, replacing the refrigerant won’t fix it alone. You’d need an expert to repair the holes in the line for the unit to function effectively again.

Problem 2: Dirty or frozen coils

The evaporator coil is part of the AC that contains the refrigerants, and the outdoor heat goes inside through it. It also only works well with heat surrounding it. That’s why when it gets too cold, ice can also build up from the outside. When it happens, you’ll get warm, or no air will come out from your system. Only professionals can help you fix this problem.

Another coil you’ll find in the AC is the condenser coil located outside the unit. If it gets too dirty, it won’t function the same way. It is a common problem experienced by most AC unit owners because of the pollution and dirt outdoors. Consequently, your unit will be forced to work harder, resulting in wear and tear to the unit or system failure. 

Problem 3: Leaking ducts

The ductwork is the carrier of the cooled air to every room. Poor installation or bites from small animals can bring holes or gaps into these tubes. When your ducts have holes, the cold air will escape the walls and not reach the designated rooms. It will only leave you with uncomfortable room temperature and high energy bills.

Problem 4: Malfunctioning fans

There are fans inside your unit that help the coils perform their jobs to cool the air and blow out the air. If one of the fans malfunctions, you’ll get poor airflow in your room, which can lead to more AC problems. Faulty motor, fraying belts, dirt and debris build-up, or lack of lubrication can cause this malfunction.

Tips to Prevent Air Conditioner Problems

If you want to prevent any air conditioner problems from happening, here’s what you should do. 

#1. Regularly replace your filters

Most AC issues come from dirty and clogged filters. To keep this from happening, consider changing your filters every one or two months. Clean air filters are necessary if you need to have a functional and smooth running air conditioning unit. Air filters also help you have a healthy home because they catch the little particles that cause allergies and other respiratory illnesses. 

#2. Keep your external unit free from dirt

Your focus shouldn’t end in your indoor AC unit alone. You also need to make sure that your condenser and outdoor fan work correctly and in good condition. You need to ensure that there are no clogs, such as dirt, leaves, twigs, and branches, found inside the unit. If clogged, the AC unit won’t expel heat as it should.

#3. Always have unit maintenance

The best method to stop all the inconveniences an AC problem would bring is to have your regular maintenance. Have an expert inspect your system and do tune-ups if necessary. Regular checkups are always more cost-effective than spending on a repair or unit replacement.

#4. Have a programmable thermostat at home

Having smart AC units can help you save more money in the long run. With a controllable air conditioner, you can get rid of many issues. With your smartphone’s help, you can better control your unit’s settings, even if you’re away from home. 


Like all the other house equipment you have, your air conditioner unit would only last based on how properly you take care of it. If you observed any of the enumerated problems happening on your unit, address them as soon as possible. If you do not know how to do it yourself, it would always be better to ask for a professional’s help.

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