When to DIY and When to Contact a Pro for HVAC Issues

Homeowners frequently wonder whether they should try to solve the issue themselves or call in a professional when dealing with HVAC problems. While there are some DIY solutions that can be effective, there are also many situations where it is advised to leave the job to the experts. 

The sections below explore some common HVAC issues and discuss when it is appropriate to try a DIY fix and when it is best to call a pro from Legacy.

DIY: Changing Air Filters

Changing the air filters regularly is a very simple yet crucial thing you can do to maintain your HVAC system. Most homeowners can complete this straightforward task with little to no expertise. 

Reduced airflow and higher energy expenditures are just a couple of the issues that dirty air filters can bring about. A smooth-running system can be maintained by changing the filters every one to three months.

DIY: Cleaning Condenser Coils

The condenser coils in your outdoor HVAC unit can become dirty and covered with debris over time. Your system may become less effective as a result and may have to work more than necessary. 

While cleaning the coils can be a bit more involved than changing air filters, it is still a task that many homeowners can tackle themselves. You will need a garden hose, some coil cleaner, and a bit of elbow grease.

DIY: Thermostat Issues

Many common HVAC problems can be traced back to issues with the thermostat. If your system is not functioning or is not heating or cooling properly, try checking the thermostat first. 

Remember to set it to the correct temperature and that the batteries are fresh. 

If you have a programmable thermostat, double-check that the settings are correct. If you are still having problems, the wiser decision is to call in a professional.

Call a Legacy: Refrigerant Leaks

It’s conceivable that you have a refrigerant leak if your AC is not cooling your place as well as before or if there’s a weird sound coming from the unit. 

Refrigerant leaks can be dangerous and are best left to the professionals. Refrigerants should only be handled by licensed HVAC technicians since improper handling can result in harm or even death.

Call a Pro: Electrical Issues

You must immediately contact a specialist if your HVAC system exhibits electrical issues. Electrical problems can be harmful and shouldn’t be ignored. 

Signs of electrical problems include tripped breakers, flickering lights, or burning smells coming from the unit. You shouldn’t try to resolve these problems on your own because they need expert knowledge and tools.

Call a Legacy: Strange Noises

It is preferable to consult a professional if your HVAC system is creating odd noises like slamming, rattling, or shrieking. 

These noises could indicate major problems, including broken or loosened parts or a malfunctioning motor. Ignoring strange noises can lead to more extensive and expensive repairs down the line.

Call a Legacy: Gas Leaks

Know the warning signals of a gas leak if you own a gas furnace or other gas-powered HVAC equipment. These can include a rotten egg smell, hissing sounds, or dead vegetation around the outdoor unit. 

Gas leaks can be extremely hazardous and should be addressed immediately by a professional. Do not even try to fix a gas leak yourself, as this can be very hazardous. Instead, call your local gas company or a certified HVAC technician right away.


Your HVAC system can work smoothly and effectively for years with routine maintenance and prompt repairs. And there are some HVAC issues that homeowners can tackle themselves. 

The best course of action, nevertheless, is to consult a specialist. In cases of doubt, it is usually wiser to stay on the safer side of caution and let the professionals handle the situation.

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