5 Dangers When You DIY HVAC Repairs

Your HVAC is broken in the middle of the day and you’re stuck at home with nothing to do. A light bulb suddenly clicked—and you’ve decided to fix the machine on your own. With online tutorials and a few tools, you feel like you’re good to go—that is until you actually made things so much worse!

Many people try to DIY fix their HVAC systems, and unfortunately, a lot of them turn into an even bigger problem. So, before you DIY, check out these dangers to prevent you from making the problem worse!

Safety Issues

Your HVAC system at home involves many potential dangers behind the scenes, and these things can go haywire when an amateur touch them. Some of them could cause an electric shock or fatal electrocution, which can happen just by being in contact with the wrong electrical components. You can also end up causing a fire or explosion from natural gas, as well as poisoning from inhaling carbon monoxide or gas fumes. 

Think about it—do you really want to put yourself in these scenarios? Of course, you don’t! That’s why it’s best you leave it to the experts here at Legacy Heating. 

Equipment Efficiency

Even if you get the heating or cooling running again, how sure are you that the system is operating at peak efficiency? Unless you’ve been trained to work on such machines, it’s easy to make mistakes with essential tasks, such as adjusting the thermostat correctly or making sure there’s proper air flow or drainage. 

Tools & Parts

You can’t repair an HVAC system with just a hammer and a screwdriver. This is because fixing the system requires specialized tools and replacement parts that need to be updated due to the ever-changing advances in technology. More importantly, the costs of purchasing such parts and tools are not something you would want to invest in as a homeowner.


Reading the fine print has always been crucial, especially since it keeps you informed of anything that could happen in the future. With an HVAC, you should make sure to read the warranty coverage thoroughly. Otherwise, you could end up breaking it and you won’t get any warranty at all, which could leave you furious until you check the warranty. 

Usually, an HVAC warranty contains a clause that states that it’s only valid as long as the system is repaired and maintained by a professional. 

Repair Time

HVAC repairs must (and can) be completed quickly as possible. Who wants to be without an HVAC in the middle of winter or summer, right? DIY-ing it could take some time, which means you will prolong the inconvenience and discomfort in your home. 

With the help of professionals, since they have the experience and knowledge to fix it, you’ll have access to only the best solution that won’t take a lot of time. 

Skip the DIY—Hire a Professional

If you haven’t repaired an HVAC system your whole life, it’s best not to attempt to fix it on your own. These dangers can be fatal and can cost you a lot more, which are just some of the things you should definitely avoid. With that, it’s best to leave HVAC repairs to the experts. 

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