Safety First Basics

Safety First!

Legacy Heating and Cooling is COR Certified and has an in-house Safety Officer!

Think Safety! Before you perform any kind of maintenance on your furnace, air conditioner, air cleaner or humidifier, consider the below important safety precautions.

  • Disconnect all electrical power to the unit before removing access panels to perform maintenance. Please note that there may be moreSafety First than one power connection switch. Always double check prior to starting work.
  • Never store combustible material such as paint thinners, gasses or gasoline near your furnace.
  • Keep your mechanical room clear of boxes and debris.
  • Although manufacturers take special care to prevent sharp edges in the construction of our equipment, it’s best to be very careful when you handle parts or reach into units. Consider wearing protective gloves & work in a well lit area.

All of Legacy Heating and Cooling’s staff have gone through comprehensive safety training. Random safety checks and site visits are done by our safety officer. As well continuous and regular safety work training is provided to our staff.

We take safety seriously!

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Legacy Heating and Cooling – Safety First

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