What You Should Know About Duct Cleaning and Furnace Scams

Maintaining clean and high indoor quality at home is important, but while it’s a chore that is often overlooked compared to other types of services, the rise of professional air duct cleaning makes it possible for every homeowner to improve their HVAC in more ways than one. But as more HVAC contractors offer their services, so do the scammers that falsely claim they can do a professional job on your air ducts. 

For instance, some door-to-door scammers go up to random homes offering air duct cleaning services. Note that professional HVAC companies will never seek you out without warning; you always have to be the one to book an appointment. Even then, the process involves a few consultation calls so the contractor can know what problems need fixing. 

The Professional Difference

HVAC companies follow an industry-standard process for their services, so customers like you always have the option to explore different procedures, services, and products that meet your needs and budget. On the other hand, scammers may offer too-good-to-be-true deals and make use of pushy sales tactics to force your hand. With that in mind, what are the red flags you should consider when spotting air duct cleaning scammers? 

1. Stay away from HVAC “companies” that have little-to-no credentials, especially in their local area. Don’t be afraid to search the company and ask for a certificate or license. If they can’t give anything and has no word-of-mouth from reliable sources to back their claims, then it’s best to avoid them. 

2. You know an HVAC company is actually a scammer if they visit your home without a uniform and in an unmarked vehicle. If they don’t have a logo, legitimate contact information, and a business name, then they’ll only bring trouble to your doorsteps. 

3. If the HVAC company is pushing you to buy certain products or make repairs that don’t seem to make sense with your current problems, then they’re likely scammers. Note that a credible company is always willing to provide the best solution for a price you can meet! 

The Bottom Line: Hiring the Right HVAC Professionals for Your Air Duct Cleaning Needs 

With so many furnace duct cleaning services popping up everywhere, it can be tricky to find reliable contractors who are true professionals of their trade at first glance. However, working with a licensed HVAC company like Legacy Heating and Cooling can give you peace of mind as they can steer you away from scammers who are trying to make a quick buck in exchange for their poor services. 

Remember that HVAC contractors receive years of training and use specialized equipment to get the job done right for the first time, so only seek services from HVAC services that can show reliable credentials. It’s never worth cutting corners as poor services will only burn more holes in your pockets in the end. 

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