Dust Everywhere? Check Your HVAC System

There may be many factors as to why your indoor areas are often getting dusty. While people may blame their shoes worn when coming from an outside trip, others usually attribute it to leaving their windows wide open, letting in all the dust from those windy days.

The thing is, everyone seems to overlook one vital thing: their HVAC system.

Once it begins to gather dust, those particles may get blown with the indoor air, spreading throughout your living room and into your bedrooms.

Of course, the dust will be blown easily enough thanks to the HVAC system, but it will remain for an extended period of time due to the inefficient air filters.

This is why you must filter them and filter them so constantly.

However, these things may only help you temporarily, and they may only lead to more serious issues.

If you want to improve your indoor air quality, there are a few things that you may look into, and it is all about your HVAC system.

Preventing the Dust from Collecting in Your HVAC System

If you want to prevent all the dust from gathering inside your HVAC system for a long period of time, there are a few steps that you may take to prevent this from happening.

Change the air filter as needed, even on a daily basis. This will help collect the dust particles in the air, preventing them from making their way into your HVAC system and polluting the air that you breathe.

Test your HVAC system for carbon monoxide and other harmful substances. This will definitely help in making sure that your indoor areas are free from such substances and that your family is safe from such.

What Are the Proper Ways to Check My HVAC System for Dust?

Dust particles may be so small to the naked eye, but they may be even more difficult to be seen through the HVAC system.

If you want to check if your HVAC system is clean, there are a few ways that you may do so.

1. Check the Condenser

One of the ways that you may check your HVAC system for dust is by checking the condenser.

If you ever experience a short in the electric supply, for example, you may be able to see the dust particles.

2. Check the Heating Coil

Another method is checking the coils, making sure that none of the particles may be sticking to the surface.

This is done by spraying a lubricant on the coil’s surface, which will allow the dust particles to stick to it.

With such, you may be able to visualize it.

3. Check the Blower Wheel

Another way to check your HVAC system is the blower wheel.

The blower wheel is the part of the air conditioning unit that is responsible for distributing the cool air throughout the entire house.

If there are a lot of dust particles on the blower wheel, then it will get attached to it, causing it to stop working properly.


Dust inside your HVAC system can be one of the major reasons why your indoor air quality is so bad.

This is why you must take the proper steps in order to prevent this from happening, keeping your HVAC system clean, ensuring that you have fresh indoor air and that your family is safe from all its harmful effects.

Take note of our pointers above and continue to have good, breathable air at home.

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