Stay Warm and Save: Energy Efficient Heating Solutions

As a responsible homeowner, you may be seeking ways to increase the energy efficiency of your home while still maintaining a comfortable and cozy environment during the cold Calgary and Edmonton winters. Ensuring that your home’s heating system is operating at peak performance and efficiency is key to achieving this balance. Legacy Heating, a leading HVAC company in Calgary and Edmonton, specializes in providing high-quality heating and cooling services, including energy efficient home heating solutions.

In this informative and helpful blog post, we will explore the various options available to homeowners looking to optimize their home’s heating efficiency. From selecting the right high-efficiency furnace or heat pump to incorporating smart thermostats and proper insulation techniques, we will delve into the strategies and solutions that can help you create a more energy efficient and comfortable home. By implementing these energy-saving home heating solutions, you can enjoy reduced energy consumption and lower heating costs without sacrificing warmth and comfort.

Rely on the expertise and experience of Legacy Heating to help you choose the most effective energy efficient heating solutions tailored to your unique needs, and rest assured that your Calgary or Edmonton home is prepared to face the cold winter months in an environmentally responsible, cost-effective manner.

High-Efficiency Furnace Options: Optimal Heating Performance

Investing in a high-efficiency furnace is an excellent first step in improving your home’s heating efficiency. Modern high-efficiency furnaces are designed to conserve energy and provide optimal heating performance for your home. When selecting a new furnace, consider the following factors:

1. Annual Fuel Utilization Efficiency (AFUE) rating: The AFUE rating is a percentage that reflects a furnace’s fuel efficiency. A high AFUE rating indicates that less fuel is wasted, resulting in increased energy efficiency. Choose a furnace with at least a 90% AFUE rating to optimize your home’s heating efficiency.

2. Modulating and variable speed capabilities: Furnaces with modulating gas valves and variable-speed blower motors can provide more precise temperature control, enhancing comfort and energy efficiency.

3. Proper sizing: Working with an HVAC professional like Legacy Heating to properly size and install your furnace ensures optimal heating performance and efficiency.

Legacy Heating can help you select and install the ideal high-efficiency furnace for your Calgary or Edmonton home.

Incorporating Smart Thermostat Technology: Intelligent Heating Control

Smart thermostats offer a sophisticated and convenient way to control and optimize your home’s heating efficiency. These intelligent devices are designed to adapt to your schedule and preferences, resulting in reduced energy consumption and more consistent indoor comfort. Benefits of smart thermostats include:

1. Learning and programming capabilities: Many smart thermostats can learn your daily schedule and temperature preferences, automatically adjusting your home’s heating to maintain comfort and save energy.

2. Remote access and control: Smart thermostats can be controlled remotely using a smartphone or tablet, allowing you to adjust your home’s heating settings while away from home.

3. Energy consumption tracking: Some smart thermostats provide detailed reports on your energy usage, helping you identify trends and areas for potential improvements in energy efficiency.

Legacy Heating can assist you in selecting and installing the perfect smart thermostat to complement your energy efficient home heating system.

Effective Insulation and Sealing Techniques: Keep the Cold Air Out

Proper insulation and sealing measures are essential for maintaining the energy efficiency of your home’s heating system. By preventing drafts and heat loss, you can ensure that your home retains warmth, reducing the strain on your furnace and lowering your heating costs. Consider the following home insulation and sealing strategies:

1. Attic insulation: Properly insulating your attic can help prevent heat from escaping through your roof, which is a common source of energy loss.

2. Sealing windows and doors: Apply weatherstripping and caulking around windows and doors to minimize drafts and prevent cold air infiltration.

3. Insulate walls and floors: Enhance the insulation in your home’s walls and floors to maintain a consistent temperature and provide added thermal comfort.

Legacy Heating can offer guidance on effective insulation and sealing techniques to further improve the energy efficiency of your home heating system.

Regular Maintenance and Service: Preserve Efficiency and Performance

Routine maintenance of your heating equipment is crucial for maintaining energy efficiency and ensuring the continued reliable performance of your HVAC system. Regular inspections, cleanings, and tune-ups can help identify and resolve potential issues before they escalate, saving energy and avoiding costly repairs. Key maintenance practices include:

1. Annual professional inspections: Schedule yearly inspections and tune-ups with Legacy Heating to ensure your HVAC system is functioning efficiently and effectively.

2. Filter replacement or cleaning: Regularly changing or cleaning your furnace filter can maintain system efficiency, reduce strain on your furnace, and improve indoor air quality.

3. Examining vents and ductwork: Inspect and clean your ductwork and air vents to ensure proper airflow and discover any potential leaks or obstructions that may be hindering your system’s efficiency.

Trust Legacy Heating to provide expert HVAC maintenance services, supporting the long-term performance and efficiency of your home’s heating system.


By investing in energy efficient home heating solutions and incorporating the expert advice and services of Legacy Heating, you can optimize your home’s heating efficiency, minimize energy consumption, and save on costs. Discover the benefits of a warmer, more comfortable, and cost-effective Calgary or Edmonton home, and trust in the unwavering support and knowledge of the professionals at Legacy Heating to help you achieve your energy efficiency goals. Embrace a greener, more sustainable future with energy efficient home heating in Calgary and Edmonton from Legacy Heating.

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