Extend the Lifespan of My Furnace in Canada

It’s easy to find various types of furnaces in different Canadian homes. The most common you will encounter uses natural gas, but that’s not the only one out there. 

The following are the different types of residential furnaces and how long each one generally lasts:

  1. Oil Furnace: 15 to 20 years
  2. Gas Furnace: 15 to 30 years
  3. Propane Furnace: 15 to 20 years
  4. Electric Furnace: 15 to 30 years

How Can I Prolong the Life of My Furnace?

For a heating unit that can stand the test of time, your furnace is not immune to wear and tear. Whether you’ve had your furnace for a decade or five years, it’s important to take care of it as well as you can.

As a homeowner, the best thing you can do is observe practices that can prolong the life of your furnace. You can do so by doing the following:

1. Get It Tuned-Up Every Year

The work that your furnace does skyrockets during the colder months, particularly in winter. That is why it is essential to get it serviced as early as fall. An expert on furnace maintenance will spot any potential issue and provide the appropriate solution immediately.

With an expert tune-up of your furnace, you can be sure that it will be ready for use once winter comes. You won’t have to struggle with cold interiors because of unexpected but easily avoidable HVAC problems.

2. Change the Filter Regularly

A dirty filter can make your furnace work beyond its capacity. The accumulation of dust, dander, and other substances inhibits airflow, making it hard for your heating system to function normally. Ideally, you should change the filter every month to keep your furnace operating in tip-top shape.

3. Make Your Home More Energy-Efficient

Even though it’s built to do the job right, your furnace shouldn’t be doing all the work. When your home environment is not insulated enough or has other issues that are not easily noticeable to the untrained eye, your heating system will be doing more than it should. This could speed up wear and tear.

As a homeowner, you can help your unit out by ensuring that your house is energy-efficient. Make sure that heated air will not leak out by sealing any opening that you can find, especially in your basement and attic. These measures will ensure that your HVAC system doesn’t have to work harder than it should.

Should I Replace My Furnace Instead?

If you’re debating whether your faulty furnace needs to be replaced or simply repaired, you need to take several things into consideration. If the furnace repair company asks for half the price of a new unit, you should consider investing in a new one instead. This decision will make more sense if your heating system is older than a decade.

On the other hand, if the repair fee isn’t as high as expected, and if your unit is not that old either, then you should proceed with furnace repair. If you’re still unsure about which decision to make, then consult a trusted HVAC specialist at Legacy regarding the matter.

Final Thoughts

A furnace is an essential part of any Canadian home. That’s why it’s important to have yours functioning correctly, especially during winter. Getting it serviced regularly or repaired when necessary is vital to extend its lifespan

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