Furnace Maintenance 101: What to Do When You Get Red-Tagged

It goes without saying that homes require heating systems to get through the cold seasons. After all, a reliable furnace works to provide households with the necessary warmth and comfort to last you and your family throughout the freezing winters.

When you forget to maintain the condition of your furnace, you’re bound to experience major consequences that can lead you to require urgent repairs. Calling a professional at Legacy Heating for assistance can prevent your heating system from breaking down completely, keeping you and your family safe from danger and allowing you to keep using your furnace without issue.

In extreme cases, like when a furnace produces a carbon monoxide leak, a technician will have to red tag your furnace and contact the gas utility company to shut down your gas temporarily. While this may sound extreme, this is all for your safety—which is why it’s best to find out more about it to understand the situation completely.

Keep reading below to learn more about getting red-tagged and situations that could result in your furnace receiving a red tag.

What Is a Red Tag?

Getting your furnace red-tagged happens when a licensed HVAC contractor takes a look at your heating unit and discovers a significant issue that requires emergency services. While it doesn’t indicate that your furnace is automatically dangerous, it means that it doesn’t adhere to the legal safety standard policies all homes must follow.

As a homeowner, it’s your responsibility to monitor your furnace for repairs regularly, so that come winter, you have the necessary heat you require for the next few months. When you make an effort to guarantee your unit is well-maintained, you’re surely going to avoid being red-tagged anytime soon. 

Reasons Your Furnace Can Be Red-Tagged

A red-tagged furnace can stem from several issues, including a loose seal, a faulty component, or eventual wear and tear due to years of consistent usage. 

One of the most typical reasons to receive a red tag involves witnessing a problem regarding your system’s heat exchanger. The heat exchanger works to conduct heat from your furnace’s burner flame to the air it produces, which ends up going around your house. When the component becomes damaged, it could end up releasing carbon monoxide, which is a life-threatening situation that could affect your health and safety.

Kinds of Furnace Red Tags 

Type A

When you receive a Type A red tag from an HVAC technician, it means your furnace situation is considered a high priority because it could cause a carbon monoxide or natural gas leak. In the meantime, you will have to shut down your gas supply until you call for repairs or an entire furnace replacement. 

Type B

A Type B red tag serves as a warning that comes with a specific timeframe for you to call for a professional to fix your furnace—or else the gas company will turn off your supply. While you aren’t experiencing a threat and putting your household at risk, the gas company knows about your situation. As a result, they are closely monitoring your furnace’s condition and expect you to get on with it and accomplish your task within the given number of days.


Now that you have a better idea of what a red tag is for managing a home furnace, hopefully, it encourages you to take your furnace cleaning and maintenance seriously. Dealing with problems regarding your heating unit is always challenging, especially if you have no idea how to handle it on your own. The best thing you can do is contact Legacy Heating & Cooling to perform regular checkups to guarantee that you can continue to benefit from your heating system for the years to come.

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