5 Important Furnace Maintenance Tips To Ensure a Warm Winter

No one wants to wake one winter morning to a freezing-cold house. So, if you’ve ever been taken off guard by a faulty furnace during the winter, you know how inconvenient it is. Routine maintenance can frequently help homeowners avoid mechanical problems. 

We recommend an annual furnace tune-up in the fall. Your HVAC specialist can examine and clean your furnace and detect minor faults before they become significant problems. You can also undertake some maintenance tasks on your own.

1. Clean the Chimney

Cleaning the chimney is the first thing you should do while getting ready for winter. Inspect the chimney to verify that no soot has accumulated inside. 

Birds can sometimes build nests within this chamber as well. It would help if you spent some time clearing these items out of the chimney. Doing so improves the overall efficiency of your heating systems.

2. Replace Your Air Filter

Replacing your air filter isn’t a challenging or time-consuming process. On the other hand, performing this routine maintenance task comes with significant advantages. For example, regular filter replacement will help you save nearly 15% on your heating expenses.

Changing the filters extends the life of the furnace or HVAC system. In a nutshell, filters are analogous to bedsheets. It would be best if you replaced them before the start of each season. If you haven’t replaced them in a while, you should do it before the winter season.

3. Clean Up the Ducts

You must also check the heating ducts and clean them thoroughly. If you do this, the overall air quality will improve, and your furnace will not have to work as hard to perform correctly.

When examining the ducts, make sure there are no holes or punctures. If you see any dents, holes, dust, filth, mildew, mould, or separate parts, you should plan to have them repaired or maintained by a professional. Mould can be dangerous to your family’s health. Allergens can also cause respiratory issues in addition to sore throats and headaches.

4. Clean the Drainage Tubes

When you use a natural gas or propane heater, some water is produced as a byproduct. Although some moisture may condense into steam, some will drain into a drip pan.

Maintain the cleanliness and clarity of this drainage tube. Water accumulation might cause damage to your flame sensor. Clean the tub by using compressed air and white vinegar to eliminate any residuals.

5. Assess the Carbon Monoxide Detectors

Although it is not part of your heating and cooling system, putting a carbon monoxide detector near your furnace is a good idea.

Carbon monoxide is an odourless and highly toxic gas and is impossible to detect with smell alone. Test the detector during furnace maintenance to ensure it is in excellent working condition.

Replace the batteries in your carbon monoxide detector if it is battery-powered.


The above-mentioned easy maintenance tips do not take long to finish.

When the cold weather approaches, don’t forget to turn off your air conditioner and protect it from the elements. Turning on your air conditioner in subzero temperatures might cause significant damage to the compressor.
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