Getting Your AC Ready for Fall? Check Out These Tips!

The seasons have changed yet again, and the air is becoming crisper as a result. Leaves are starting to shift in colour and, well, fall. Children (and cosplaying and/or fun-loving adults, even) have begun to plan out their Halloween costumes. This just means one thing: it’s also time for your air conditioning at home to get prepped. After all, a cooler season is rolling in.

Read on to learn some handy tips as you get your Air Conditioning systems ready for autumn and beyond:

A good rule of thumb is to jump straight to winterizing your home well before temperatures drop below zero! Make sure that both the cooling and heating systems alike are winterized by taking on these measures:

Change Thermostat Settings

The temperature settings on the thermostat of an air conditioner should change around the same time clocks are adjusted. Needless to say, your comfort should come first. So turn it up or bring it down based solely on comfort.

Have an HVAC Maintenance Check-Up Done

The last thing anyone wants to deal with during winter is waiting for a professional to conduct costly replacements or repairs that could have been avoided. A good way of doing so is having a seasonal HVAC maintenance check-up every 3 or 4 months. Air conditioning needs to be prepared for the fall in particular. Make sure that a furnace tune-up service is done, too.

  • Check whether the thermostat is reading correctly.
  • Have air ducts cleaned out.
  • Have electric terminals inspected, with connections tightened and cleaned.
  • Have the belts checked for tightness and wear.
  • Have the motors oiled.
  • Make sure the refrigerant is at the right amount.
  • Test for any leaks in the ducts and seal them.
  • Verify the proper sequence for electric control.

Make Sure The Heat Is Running Well

Don’t be alarmed if there’s an off-putting odour the first time you turn on the heat during autumn. That burnt smell generally comes from dust that the heating components built up during the stagnant months prior. It should be gone rather swiftly. If, for some reason, the heat isn’t running at all or won’t even turn on, an HVAC professional should be called in.

Additional steps to take should include:

  • Bring the water heater temperature down to 170 degrees Fahrenheit or so.
  • Have draft snakes so that warm air won’t seep out and vice versa.
  • Have the pipes insulated.
  • Have the vents cleaned out by an expert.
  • Make sure fans are running clockwise. This will help to bring down the costs associated with heating.
  • Make sure gaps are re-caulked and weather-stripping is repaired on the foundation, piping, and windows. This makes it easy to save when it comes to heating.
  • Switch out the air filter so that any allergies and pathogens can be alleviated best.


The shift in the seasons and cooler weather rolling in means that HVAC systems need to be prepped. This includes air conditioning and furnaces. Have an HVAC maintenance check-up done, make sure the heat is running well, and change thermostat settings accordingly.

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