How to Know It’s Time to Get a Wall Heater Replacement

No one likes to feel cold. Wall heaters have been very effective in keeping homes warm ever since their debut last century. They’re often found a necessity in the freezing air of Canada. However, people tend to forget that these heaters have a life span just like any other product or appliance in the home. 

Maintenance can help to prolong the life of your average wall heater, but it only goes so far until an issue finally turns up. Here’s how to determine whether it’s time to get your home’s heater replaced.

Checking Your Current Wall Heater Type

The first variation of home heaters is the gas wall heater. This is usually anchored to the wall, with the appliance designed to ignite piped gas and cause heat. When given the correct maintenance, a gas wall heater can live for at least two to three decades. It’s a must that these are checked every year though, as gas equipment can bring a lot of dangers when damaged. 

Following the gas wall heater is the electric wall heater. This might be the common wall heater type in most houses these days, marketed as a safer alternative. Electric wall heaters have a metal frame encasement that helps cope with the electrical currents and heat production that goes on. It’s notably easier to control the temperature because of the built-in thermostat feature.

Electric wall heaters usually last for a decade or just a little over that period, which is a significant difference for the first generation of wall heaters. Although one isn’t necessarily better than the other because each has its own set of perks, some may find it attractive to invest and upgrade their wall heater type to an electric one. 

Inspecting the Heater’s Condition

The common theme with wall heaters that need to be replaced is the uneven distribution of heat from the appliance throughout the household. Lacklustre performance and a lack of heat can be really questionable, especially when the bill continues to rack up its price. 

Other possible indicators of your wall heater’s condition are the unusual smell and noises coming from it. Any odd scents or sounds may entail a problem with the internal heating system or a possible leak. Gas leaks from a wall heater can cause an unpleasant odour, and its presence can put your home in peril if it ever catches on fire. 

Scheduling the Replacement

No one can ever tell if you need an urgent replacement or not unless you’re an expert. Call an HVAC specialist to have a look at your wall heater so that you can have professional insight on what steps you need to take. 

Some may determine that a simple repair is needed, while others will need the entire system changed. Scheduling a replacement should be easy enough and done in a quick manner so that you don’t have to bear your rooms freezing up during the cold. 


To sum it up, keep a close eye on your wall heater, especially when it’s passed the 10-year mark. Cleaning and some repairs can’t solve the problems your heater is experiencing, so don’t put off getting a replacement and sacrificing the warmth of your home for it. 

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