How to Responsibly Use Humidifier at Home in 3 Easy Steps

A humidifier may not be present in some households, but yours may need it to ensure your indoor environment is tailored to your health concerns. Remember, all conventional home humidifiers are meant to add moisture to your air to neutralize skin dryness, common colds, and asthma attacks. However, since more units are being introduced into the market, plus they each have their own proper uses, you have to pay extra attention. To guarantee appropriate and responsible usage, refer to the following steps: 

1. Always prioritize humidifier use for health reasons 

Before considering the different added features of each humidifier you want to purchase, you should first focus on the health-related benefits of having this unit. In particular, what you are after is its significant contribution to everyone’s respiratory system, skin allergies, and more. While these considerations are also important, the same can be said for wellness issues that arise from over-humidification, leading to mould growth and inhalation. 

To ensure proper humidity levels indoors, pick a humidifier that gradually improves comfortability and mitigating health concerns. Record the settings you used, the time of day, and which room you used your unit. Then, switch up the modifications until you can get the ample amount of humid, filtered air you need. Alternatively, you can consult with our HVAC maintenance professionals for further details. 

2. Don’t put salt in your humidifying reservoir 

You may have heard of some households using salt in their humidifier’s reservoir to simulate the feeling and calming smell of seawater like you are by the shoreline of a beach. It may be tempting to do this since breathing in salty air can address pollen allergy issues. However, placing salt in your humidifier can damage the internal metal parts, including the filter. As a result, you are left with a broken unit.

Instead, you should opt for aromatherapy oils and formulations that are designed for your humidifier. Just ensure you follow the instructions. For instance, you should never combine the water and oils together in the reservoir to avoid inconsistent evaporation. Additionally, always read the humidifier’s provided user manual to ensure proper usage and timely maintenance. 

3. Take full advantage of the unique features of your chosen unit or system

Whatever humidifier you choose to go with will have certain features that you will not find anywhere else. For instance, if you have a room humidifier, you can expect it to have an automatic shut-off, an LED display, a quiet operation mode, and UV filter capabilities. Unfortunately, most households like yours may be accustomed to the basics of your humidifying system, meaning you may not maximize its other functions, leading to a higher cost in daily use. 

As an effective preventive measure, you should always get your humidifier provider to explain what features you can have once your unit is installed. Additionally, you should compare product features, electrical output, warranty plans, and the like, ensuring that you can better utilize your home appliance to serve its intended purpose. 


Just as with any household appliance or system, you should use your humidifier responsibly to ensure proper functionality and long-term usage without issues. Fortunately, you now have a better understanding of what you need to do. Just ensure you also get your unit or system checked out regularly or have it replaced if you notice significant problems that affect your quality of life. 

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