How UV Lights Can Kill Bacteria and Other Germs in Your Home

No matter how clean your home is and how often you schedule repairs and maintenance, dirt and germs will accumulate in all corners of your HVAC system. However, did you know that installing UV lights inside your HVAC system can help eliminate bacteria and remove allergens that might enter your living space? Here’s a brief background about UV lights and how they can help make your home a healthier place. 

The Evolution of UV Lights

In 1903, Niels Finsen won the Nobel Prize for his research on the usage of UV lights for treating tuberculosis. That event started the expansion of UV light’s functionality in several industries. Other industries, such as those in the food, pharmaceuticals, and cosmetics, began using UV light in their operations. 

Years later, studies showed that UV lights were also successful in sterilizing rooms and killing bacteria, fungi, and other toxic particles on surfaces and in the air. In 2012, a study found that UV light eliminated more than 97 percent of drug-resistant bacteria in more than 50 rooms inside a hospital. Another study showed that fungal levels in a UV-operated building were significantly lower than those with no UV assistance.

How UV Lights Kill Bacteria and Other Germs

UV lights used for sanitation and killing germs primarily use UVC rays. These rays have the shortest wavelength, which also gives them the highest energy level. This energy makes it possible for the light to kill bacteria and viruses. It works by destroying the molecular bonds that hold together their DNA. 

UVC light has seen widespread use in sanitizing surgical tools, hard-to-clean nooks and crannies, and even hospital rooms. 

UV Lights in the HVAC System

UV light can also be used at home, especially if your goal is to kill moulds and get rid of other toxic particles in the air. However, proper installation is necessary for it to work. You need to ensure that your AC is working and regularly maintained before installing UV light inside. Others may also require you to purchase additional HVAC components to function correctly. 

Hiring an Legacy Heating and Cooling will make the process simpler for you. They know the materials you need and how to correctly place the lights for maximum efficiency. The lights can be placed in the ductwork, the air return, and the air handler.  

Here are the two types of UV lights and how they can work with your HVAC system:

  1. Air Sterilization – This type is for disinfecting your air. If you want to sanitize the air you breathe at home, you can get a complete unit to help you. This unit is installed in your system’s return air duct.
  2. Coil Sterilization – This is the most common type of UV light used for HVAC. It is the “stick type” light, and it is installed in the return air duct. This light runs 24/7 and disinfects the air handler coil. 


UV lights are scientifically proven to be useful in disinfecting surfaces and entire areas. They are effective but only work at a specific range. If you want to experience the same sterilized effect in your home, get yourself a UV light and install it in your HVAC system. That way, you’re sure that you breathe healthier air inside your home.

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