3 Main Things to Consider For Humidifier Maintenance at Home

Home maintenance for humidifiers comes in many forms. In particular, you are after what you have to think about before purchasing and what you watch out for during everyday use. Unfortunately, your household may not know what you need to be done, just as most homes do, since there’s often a lack of insights given. Fortunately for you, we have just the information you need. Use this article as your guide to lay out the perfect home maintenance plan for your humidifier. 

Unit Selection: Which Humidifier Is Best for Your House’s Floor Area?

Your first order of business is to determine which humidifier is the ideal fit for your home. Remember, there are now tons of designs and providers in the market, meaning it can easily get overwhelming to determine which one is right for you. Therefore, you should at least know the different types of humidifying systems or units available, which are the following: 

1. Evaporative humidifiers

Evaporative or cool moisture humidifiers are one of the most common in households because of their affordability. They typically come with a water reservoir, an absorbing wick, and a fan to produce humidified air. Although using them is often easy, given their straightforward design, you do have to watch out for their wick pads and reservoirs for possible leaks and mould growth. Thus, you may want to consider other units if you have 

2. Vapour humidifiers 

Vapour or warm mist humidifiers use steam that you can visibly see as it is distributed through the fan. Since it creates a warm mist, it can kill mould and harmful pathogens, making it ideal for homes with asthma and allergies. On the downside, this unit uses more energy, meaning you may have to invest more in terms of daily costs. Just make sure you keep this unit away from close contact with children and pets since they may get burned due to boiling water. 

3. Impeller humidifiers

Impeller humidifiers are commonly known as another type of cool moisture humidifying system because the rotating disc circulates water droplets through the air, much like the fan and the wick. This unit is also not ideal for households with asthmatic individuals, so it would be best to opt for other types. 

4. Ultrasonic humidifiers

Ultrasonic humidifying units use precision ceramic discs to transform water into minuscule droplets, like most cool-air units. They also have UV ray emitters as a filtration system to ensure the water vapour you inhale is treated. However, you do have to be wary of getting humidification levels as they can trigger respiratory issues and affect certain wooden furnishings. Fortunately, these units are safe provided that you get them from a reputable manufacturer. 

Centralized vs Single-Room Humidifiers: Which One Maintains Favourable Air Quality?

You may be set on buying single-room humidifiers because they are often cheaper, readily available online, and can have desirable features, such as automatic shut-off and filtering capabilities. However, you may want to reconsider your choice, especially when it comes to maintenance. You see, even if centralized humidifiers are more expensive due to the installation costs, you will spend less on repairs, maintenance costs, and energy efficiency. You also have more control over your system since it has a wider coverage, allowing you to address a broader area of concern in your house. For further information, get a quote for our contractors to guide you through this process. 

Cleanliness: Which One Requires Minimal Effort When Cleaning? 

All household appliances concerns with air quality and temperature controls need proper cleaning, especially when you have your eyes set on particular units. Therefore, you should be prepared to take on the responsibility of cleaning your humidifier once you start using it. 

Additionally, take note that while most units need at least once a month for routine cleaning, you may have to do it twice or thrice, depending on your adherence to cleaning your surroundings. Also, centralized humidifying systems often take less effort to clean than most single-room ones. 


Humidifier maintenance is a must for every household like yours. It is your best step towards maintaining favourable conditions indoors while thinking about costs and your unit’s lifespan. Therefore, ensure you put to practice all the practical information mentioned above. Meanwhile, reach out to our team if you are looking for experienced providers for air quality control in your home. 

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