The Importance of Cleaning Your Air Ducts Regularly

If you’ve begun noticing puffs of dust floating out of an air duct each time you activate your heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) system, your air ducts are due for a cleaning. Various contaminants can get stuck in your air ducts and compromise your HVAC system’s ability to supply your home with fresh air. If you aren’t careful, things like dust and pet hair will get trapped in your vents, circulating these throughout your home and coating your belongings with them.

Your HVAC system sucks in fine dust, which eventually gathers on air duct surfaces, motors, coils, and vents. Other particulates like flakes of dead skin, pet dander, and hair latch onto the dust, eventually creating a thick, mat-like environment perfect for bacteria, dust mites, allergens, and mould to thrive. While you have air filters to take these out of the air stream, these pollutants can still gather, especially when you don’t clean your air ducts regularly. 

How to Check Your Air Duct for Dirt

It’s essential to have your HVAC system checked and regularly maintained. You’ll avoid complicated situations that may progress into expensive repairs. You can do a preliminary check of your air duct to determine its condition by opening your vent cover and peering inside. Check for dirt, debris, or matted dust.

Be sure to examine the return air registers for any accumulated dust. Do this especially if they’re thick and fuzzy. Take the air filter out and see if it is clogged with dust because if it is, that means the airflow is restricted. You should also check your furnace compartment and look closely at the blower fan and motor for dust; if you see a lot of dust, your air ducts urgently need professional cleaning.

Lastly, be sure to inspect your air conditioning coil. If it is dusty or has dust on its housing walls, that means your air filter hasn’t been functioning properly. Therefore, giving you even more reason to get Legacy Heating to clean your air ducts.

What Happens When Your Air Ducts are Dirty?

Dirt and dust can seem harmless because we often see them in small amounts. However, they can be dangerous to your health when they accumulate. They also add more stress to your HVAC system since they clog the heat exchangers and condensing coils. This causes them to work harder and use more fuel and energy to heat and cool your home. As a result, you’ll have even more expensive bills.

Your HVAC system will also have difficulty circulating thoroughly warmed or cooled air throughout your home when it’s clogged with dirt and dust. These pollutants restrict airflow, which means your indoor air quality will suffer. Additionally, the longer your HVAC system runs, the more wear and tear it suffers, which will vastly shorten its lifespan. That means you’ll need to replace it sooner than expected, giving you another unexpected expense.

A dirty, dusty HVAC system is hazardous to your household’s health. Dust contains dead skin, fine dirt, pet dander, microorganisms, pollen, fungi, and other particulates that are dangerous when inhaled. When you leave it to gather in your HVAC system, it will turn into a thriving hotbed for pests.

The Benefits of Air Duct Cleaning

Experts recommend having your air ducts cleaned two to three years. However, having pets or allergies demand more frequent cleaning, such as twice a year. When you regularly clean your air ducts, your HVAC system performs better, which means fewer repairs from wear and tear and a longer HVAC lifespan. It will also work more efficiently, keeping your bills at a stable amount.

A clean HVAC system doesn’t spew out particulates, so you’ll significantly reduce your chances of respiratory or allergy problems. With less dust floating around, you’ll have an easier time cleaning your home.


Air duct cleaning is best done by the professionals at Legacy Heating and who will use industry-standard equipment fit for your HVAC system. By scheduling frequent air duct cleaning, you’ll enjoy a fresher, safer home free of allergens.

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