Some Efficient Improvements That You Can Do to Your AC Unit

It can really get hot during the summer season; that is why it is only fitting for everyone to improve their air conditioning units to make them more efficient for their HVAC system. Below are just a few helpful tips that will help you accomplish this.

1. You May Pick a High SEER Rated AC

You can reduce your electricity bill by a significant amount by installing a high SEER-rated air conditioner. Not only that, but you’ll be much more comfortable in your home as well.

The US Department of Energy has set a minimum SEER rating of 15 for all cooling systems starting in 2023. This means that most cooling systems on the market today have a SEER rating above 15. Buying a high SEER-rated air conditioner comes with many benefits and can help improve your overall comfort.

Besides that, there are also units known as VRF systems, a type of air conditioning system that is more energy efficient than traditional cooling systems. The VRF system operates less frequently than traditional systems, so it uses less electricity. It can also capture heat and reuse it where it is needed. As a result, you can save money on heating bills in winter.

2. You May Use a Programmable Thermostat

A programmable thermostat is a thermostat that you can schedule to turn the temperature up or down at certain times of the day or week. It also has a security feature that prevents unauthorized people from changing the temperature in your home. Additionally, the display on a programmable thermostat is usually more advanced than on a traditional thermostat, making it easier to use.

A smart thermostat can be a great addition to your cooling system, as it allows you to control the AC unit remotely. Some models like the Google Nest and Ecobee even feature automatic temperature adjustment based on your location.

3. You May Go for a Ductwork Replacement

If you have small leaks in your air ducts, it will reduce the efficiency of your cooling system. This will make it harder to keep your home comfortable, especially during hot weather. This means that you will need to fix or replace your air ducts before you can make any other improvements to your AC.

That said, while replacing the air ducts of your cooling system, you’ll need to make sure that they fit snugly. If the ducts are too loose, the airflow of your cooling system will be reduced, making your air conditioner less efficient.

4. You May Purchase a Properly-Sized AC for Sound Sleep

The right-sized AC system is the only way to get maximum comfort and save money. If you buy an undersized cooling system, it will have to operate longer to cool your home. In some cases, you also won’t get your desired cooling.

When you buy an oversized cooling system, it will have to cycle on and off more frequently. This will make your AC unit louder and make it harder for you to sleep. Additionally, when your AC has a recurring cycling problem, it will start to use more electricity. If you want your AC to be more efficient and use less energy, you should buy a system that is the right size. You can talk to a cooling professional to help you choose the right size for your needs.

5. You May Add a Humidifier Too

The ideal relative humidity for a home is around 30-50%. If the humidity in your home is too high or too low, it can create a number of problems. High humidity can make your home feel warmer, promote mould growth, and damage your wooden furniture. Low humidity can make your skin dry and damage your respiratory system. Adding a humidifier to your air conditioning unit can help solve this problem.


There are many efficient improvements that you can do to your AC unit. By following the tips outlined in this article, you can save money on your energy bill and improve the functionality of your HVAC system. Additionally, you can extend its life by making sure that it is properly maintained.

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