Is Your AC Ready for Summer?

Yes Summer is well on its way here (Finally!) and while you might be thinking up checklists for packing away for a summer vacation, you should also be thinking bout the summer checklist for your air conditioner.

  1. Clean out your air filter –  Your air conditioner most likely shares duct work with your furnace. This typically means that it also shares a filter. After a long hard Alberta winter, it’s important to inspect and clean out your filter to help make sure that your air conditioner will be running at maximum efficiency.
  2. Change the humidifier damper on your furnace to “Summer”’
  3. If you have humidity control on your thermostat or humidistat, you can turn the humidity down to 0% because the air will no longer be as dry during the summer.
  4. Rinse off the condenser unit (the outside of the air conditioner) with a hose on “fine spray”. Make sure you rinse it from the top down to remove any debris that may have built up over the long winter.
  5. At least 24 hours BEFORE you begin to use our air conditioner for the season, the disconnect should be turned on.
  6. Schedule a maintenance check up every few years. Proactive maintenance is the main factor to keeping your air conditioning running smoothly and in tip top shape! Identify and correct wear and tear before it starts causing major issues.

Lastly, keep your eyes on the skies so you can ensure that your air conditioning unit is ready when you need it to be!

If you have any questions in Edmonton and Calgary regarding Air Conditioning preparation for the hot summer months, or if you’d like to schedule a check up for your system, look no further! Contact us today!

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