Is Your Furnace Blowing Cold Air: Here Are a Few Reasons Why

Spring is in full swing, and you know what that means—home maintenance! This may not be as fun as going on road trips and meeting with friends outdoors, but as a homeowner, you have a responsibility to ensure that every part of your house is working well. It would be more challenging to solve problems during the height of winter, so it’s best to scan the place for any issues and handle them accordingly when the season is warm.

Checking the Furnace

Spring home maintenance consists of many tasks, such as clearing the gutters, clearing the lawn, and inspecting the driveway. Although it is understandable that you may skip over a few things because of the number of things you have to do, you must never forget about the furnace

The furnace may be typically ignored during spring and summer since it isn’t being used, but you should ensure that it’s ready for winter. This will be an essential appliance in your house once the cold season comes, as it provides the necessary warmth amid below-freezing temperatures. Failing to inspect the condition of your furnace means risking your living conditions during the colder months!

In inspecting your furnace, you’ll find out whether you need to get your furnace repaired or replaced entirely. It’s better to find any issues now instead of scrambling in the cold due to a broken furnace.

Help—My Furnace Is Blowing Cold Air!

Your furnace is supposed to keep your home nice and warm during the winter, but what if it blows cold air instead? 

There are many reasons why your furnace could be blowing cold air. Although it is best to leave this to a professional skilled in furnace repair, you can do a few initial checks before calling an expert.

The cold air being produced by your furnace may be caused by:

The Pilot Light Is Out

New furnaces no longer have a pilot light, but your furnace will have one to ignite the gas for the burner if you have an older one. The pilot light is the small flame that’s supposed to keep running at all times—and if it goes out, then your furnace won’t be able to heat any air!

All you have to do is relight the pilot light to heat the air, but if it keeps going out, then there may be a more serious problem that requires the expertise of a furnace professional. 

There’s Not Enough Gas Supply

Gas equals heat; if no gas is supplied to your furnace, it won’t be able to produce heat for your home. The furnace needs proper gas supply to the burners so that it can create heated air. You should ensure that your gas valve is turned on or is in line with the gas supply pipe. 

The Thermostat Is Set to “On”

Most times, furnace issues don’t require any repair at all—they are usually caused by the thermostat setting. When your thermostat is set to “on,” the furnace blower runs continuously, whether it is heating the air or not. You should set your thermostat to “auto” instead of “on” so that the blower will only run when the burners are on!


The furnace may not be necessary during spring, but it is the best time to check its condition during the warmer season! Make sure to check if your furnace is blowing heated air, and if it isn’t, then contact a professional who provides furnace maintenance in Edmonton to swiftly and smoothly deal with your furnace issue. With a functioning furnace, you can now look forward to the winter months without worry!

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