Is Your Furnace Energy-Efficient: What You Must Know

With Canadian temperatures being the coldest they’ve ever been for the past few years, it can be quite difficult to live at home without having the necessary measures inside. Amid the different things that may be going on in your house, one experience that you’re bound to look forward to is coming home and turning on your furnace!

The importance of furnaces and a question that begs to be answered

In any Edmonton home, furnaces are a vital part of the list of essential household appliances that residents end up relying on because of how unforgiving temperatures can be. As the temperatures start going well below zero during even the most “relaxed” days of the season, it’s easy to see why having the appliance in question to balance everything out is vital for staying comfortable.

As you continue to use your furnace even more over the months or years, the comfort you feel at home will be significantly reliant on the device in question. Beyond all matters of comfort and enjoyment that you’ll definitely get to feel despite the frigid temperatures outside of your home’s walls, there’s one question that will eventually come up: “How to know whether or not my furnace is efficient?”

A growing responsibility

If there’s anything that’s more unnerving and uncomfortable than near-sub-zero temperatures, it’s unexpectedly getting a sky-high electricity bill from heightened furnace usage that could have been avoided. 

Now, while it may be true that the comfort you feel at home may be paramount in one way or another, it’s also important to ensure that you’re not burning a hole in your pocket when doing so. In fact, becoming even more dependent on your appliance means that you’ll need to be more aware of just how much energy it consumes so that you can avoid any unwanted surprises.

Furnaces and electricity

Compared to the other appliances at home, furnaces use a significantly larger amount of energy because of how heavily they’re used and how much electricity it takes to run them. Considering that modern heating technology has no limit cuts or “inverter-like” technologies, every added minute or hour of use means racking up a higher bill after using even more energy.

How do you determine energy efficiency?

Energy efficiency in the context of furnace use is rooted in three key factors: 

1. Furnace age: The golden rule that anyone should know about their heating appliances is that they must be replaced every 15 to 20 years for consistent efficiency (and this is on top of upkeep with health and safety concerns). Regular or properly-time replacements are also critical for energy efficiency because irreplaceable parts that have a significant impact on power usage and performance will break over time. Thankfully, getting a timely replacement will allow you to act fast and prevent any surges from happening!

2. Furnace filter quality: For good measure and efficiency’s sake, you must replace your furnaces’ filters every three months. While a quarterly filter replacement is mainly done for improving air quality at home, it also helps ensure that air runs smoothly to and fro so that there are no difficulties that may cause an appliance to work unnecessarily harder!

3. Maintenance: Your furnace’s ability to remain as energy-efficient as possible also significantly relies on the dedication that you have to regular maintenance. For instance, calling Legacy Heating’s experts to inspect and maintain your heating appliance means that you’ll get to keep everything running smoothly for as long as possible! 

Once you become more mindful of the three key factors mentioned above, you’ll be able to enjoy warmer temperatures at home and even more coziness without putting yourself in an unwarranted money pit!


As comfortable as having a full-running furnace at home during the colder months of the year may be, it’s also important to keep an eye on just how energy-efficient your appliance actually is. Through this guide’s help, you’ll be filled in on everything you need to know about keeping your heating device as wallet-friendly as possible without sacrificing comfort! 

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