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Summer is several months away, but it is an excellent time to inspect your air conditioning unit. You should check not only the indoor unit but also the outdoor equipment. The former consists of the heat exchange coil, fan, remove signal receiver, and a filter. On the other hand, one of the primary parts of the outdoor unit is the condenser.

It would help keep a close eye on the condenser because its primary function is to circulate the refrigerant. If your condenser is working correctly, it will heat exchange through the coils.

Unfortunately, most of us will only inspect our AC if we notice something wrong with it, but you should go this path again. Checking your Air Conditioner as early as now will result in cheaper maintenance costs. However, you might not know what to look for. In that case, please continue reading this piece. 

What You Should Look For

It would help if you took a sit when inspecting the coils. If you have an area in your home that gets a lot of sunlight, that is the place to start. You want to remove the panels so you can see them well.

It will look like a cylinder, and you can see the fins. These fins are what you will look at when you inspect the coils. There are two things you want to check:

  1. The Color – When you look at the fins, you should see a whitish substance. If you see black or greenish materials, your condenser is working correctly. It means that the parts are cooling correctly, and the airflow is correct. 
  2. The Fins – There should be a thin layer of material on the fins. It protects the metal from corrosion and aids in the cooling process. 

What Are the Common Condenser Problems

If you see moisture on the fins, the fins are not functioning correctly.

There are times when the condenser might be weak at the seams. In that case, it will leak refrigerant. It is a costly HVAC repair because you have to get the refrigerant refilled.

A huge sign is if the coils are rattling. If they are not tightly secured, they will rattle when the air hits them.

If you see a discoloration on the coils, it might be time to replace the Air Conditioner condenser.

You should also see if you have a dirty condenser because it is typically the cause of high energy consumption. The dirt will prevent the coils from properly transferring the heat. 

If you see a wet spot on your condenser, it is a good indicator that your condenser is leaking. If you see any signs, it is best to get the condenser replaced to prevent further damage


It is essential to inspect the condenser regularly. You should check it several times a year. It will help you detect problems before they occur, preventing you from dealing with a major unit breakdown. You should consider replacing it if you see any of the above signs.

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