What You Have to Know About Ductless Air Conditioners

Modern ductless air conditioners are here to help you solve your home cooling problems. These methods are efficient, versatile, and definitely worth every dime. Read on as we talk about ductless air conditioners and their benefits.

Explaining the Ductless Air Conditioner

Ductless air conditioners (sometimes known as “mini-splits”) are known by a variety of names. Manufacturers and HVAC specialists refer to ductless systems as split systems, mini-split heat pumps, or multi-split systems.

Ductless air conditioning requires the installation of two major pieces of equipment: an outdoor compressor/condenser unit that cools (or heats) the air and an indoor air handler that distributes the air. This system removes the need for ducting by passing power and refrigerant lines through the exterior walls of your home.

The Benefits of Using a Ductless Air Conditioner

1. Perfect for Older Homes

The compatibility of ductless systems with older homes is perhaps the most important factor for clients. In the pre-1970s, homes lacked integrated ductwork due to the lack of central air conditioning. Clients may choose to retrofit older or historic homes with ductwork, but this can be costly and time-consuming.

2. Customizable

Mini-splits were not capable of cooling big interior spaces when they first became popular in the United States a few decades ago. After all, this method originated in Asia (specifically, Japan), where the majority of people live in compact urban dwellings that require less BTU electricity to cool or heat.

Today, however, systems come in a dizzying array of power capabilities, capable of increasing the comfort of practically any average American home—from a single bedroom to a whole suburban house.

The ability to manage zones is a huge advantage over standard ducted systems. Separate air handlers may assist you in keeping one area of your home cooler than another.

3. Efficiency

Mini-split systems use substantially less energy than ducted systems. Because ducted systems are not zoned, they squander about 25% of energy. While this is not an issue in homes that already have central air conditioning ducting, you may want to reconsider adding ductwork to connect to less efficient equipment.

4. Better Allergy Management

Because ducted systems are not zoned, they can transmit allergies throughout your home, especially if your ductwork is dirty or your system filters are not changed on a regular basis.

Mini-split systems necessitate filter changes on individual air handler units, but because they do not disperse air throughout your home, they provide better dust and allergy management.

5. Zoning

One of the key advantages of ductless mini-split systems is greater control. Because each indoor unit may be controlled independently, you can chill specific regions or “zones.”

Air is circulated around the house using traditional cooling systems, which could be inefficient and wasteful. You can end up chilling in places that aren’t necessary, squandering both energy and money. Zoning allows you to separately create and modify the temperature in each zone, boosting both comfort and efficiency.

6. Inverter Technology

A big advantage of ductless micro splits is the utilization of inverter technology. In contrast to heat pumps, ductless systems do not require backup heat strips. Ductless pumps can function without backup components at extremely low temperatures. Furthermore, inverter technology allows you to get the desired temperature more quickly and with less fluctuation or voltage spikes.

7. Noise Relief

AC units are notorious for being loud and inconvenient to use. A ductless system’s critical components are located outside your home, and air escapes from the side rather than the top. Ductless air conditioning makes it possible for you to work, connect, and watch movies without interrupting your air conditioning.


Thankfully, through modern technology, we can make the most out of our HVAC systems. At the same time, new innovations such as ductless air conditioners help us save money and keep ourselves and our families comfortable at home. The next time you want an upgrade, go ahead and get your home a ductless air conditioner!

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